Trust, Faith and Loyalty

“For better or for worse…in sickness and in health…‘til death do us part.”
These were our vows when we got married more than 10 years ago. We are fulfilling this vow not just by loving each other. Our love is coupled with trust, faith and loyalty so we can be together for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.
We trust each other not just by saying “Yes, I trust you” but by showing the whole sense of the word through our actions. Rhonnel can go with his buddies on a beerhouse without me being feared and paranoid that he might get hook to one of the girls there. I can chat on the net with his knowledge without him being insecure. Other couples may find this strange but that is the truth. It is because we completely trust each and we are sure that we are both very loyal and faithful to each other.
Just like showing our  trust through actions, nothing is more important than building trust than actions too that is why we are doing everything for that trust not to be broken. We are very considerate with each others feelings all the time and give each other assurance that nothing or no one can come between us. I have faith in him and he has faith in me.
I know that not all marriages works out that is why I am proud to say that we are on our eleventh year and yet our bond is getting stronger everyday. I can say that we are sweeter and more loving than ever.
Because we vowed…“til death to us part”, marriage should be forever. With love, trust, loyalty and faithfulness, this is not impossible to fulfill.
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  1. i agree, if there is trust, faith and loyalty, nothing can come between husbands and wives…for love is there.

    kami din ni Matt walang insecurities or jealousy….

  2. ang galing naman Mommy Rossel, nakakatuwa at napakatibay pa rin ng relationship nyo ni Rhonnel. Kami rin naman ni rodney, parang habang tumatagal eh lalong nagiging close, kaso tong asawa ko, kala mo nag asawa ng Ms Universe, di man insecure eh me jealousy naman siya sa katawan. (gawa ng unang marriage experience niya, na trauma yata) kaya ang nakaka chat ko lang family and relatives, kapag guy na hindi nya kilala, bantay bantay lagi, hehehe..We do trust each other, and we know that none of us will do anything to ruin our super great marriage, gaya nyo rin, we are loyal to each other. Mag 11 years na kayo, hayyy! mag 7 pa lang kami next year, hehehe.9 years na kaming mag sweetheart though.

  3. Love, trust, faith and loyalty always are the key to a great and lasting relationship, and God should always there in the center of your union.

  4. Hahaha kakatawa talaga tong si Mommy Liz hehehe.

    I salute you guys for having those main ingredients well-blended in your relationship, yun naman ang mahalaga diba kahit anong unos pa ang dumating basta meron kayong trust sa isat isa eh malalampasan ang anumang typhoon na dumating. Together.. forever!

  5. nakakabilib yung relationship at tandem nio. All through the years walang nababago at nadadagdagan pa yung love nio for each other..

  6. Wow, 11 years of blessed marriage. I'm inspired of you Rossel. And I will keep you in mind. 3 years pa lang kami. Be happy always!

  7. aw super nice naman ng entry mo te rossel 🙂 10 years and counting! galing! super bow ako sau teh! you're the one 🙂 hihih

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