Trendiest Clothing in Asia

Girls walking

I love browsing Japanese fashion magazines. I am enticed by their street fashion that is most often seen in the streets of Tokyo. I think Japan has the trendiest line of clothing in Asia. They come up with very distinct fashion by mixing and matching different styles and genres of both local and foreign brands just like these two Shibuya girls in the picture. They mix and match skirts, blazers and boots resulting to a simple yet more stylish look.

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  1. Nakaka-envy naman yung legs nila. Ang cute! But I can't dare to wear such skimpy shorts. Ok lang sakin 1 inch above the knee. Waaa! I like the boots and the sandals though.

  2. Japan is a first world country and its citizens can afford to be trendy. Given the chance, Pinays can be more trendy than those Japanese girls because Pinays have that distinct charm, warmth and smile in them. It is poverty that prevents our youngsters from being world class and trendy. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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