Tips For Feeding Baby

Offering your little six-month old with a little spoonful of food can be one of those most amazing moments your family will smile about and remember forever. Below are helpful tips for feeding baby.

1. When your baby reaches fourth month, you can test whether he/she is ready for new foods. Do thus by putting a teaspoon to baby’s lips. If the baby is not yet ready, never ever force him to eat.

2. Introduce the new food to your baby before breastfeeding or bottle feeding him.

3. An ideal starter food is a single food ingredient such as cereal mixed with breast milk or follow-on formula.

4. Offer only half a teaspoon of food at a time. Feed him less than the recommended amount, gradually increasing it until it reaches the amount suited to your baby’s need.

5. The best time to make him try new food again is the day following his first trial.

6. Once the child has acquired a taste for the new food, give it to him fairly often and after breastfeeding or bottlefeeding.

7. Introduce one new food at a time. Never start on two new foods at once.

8. Give your baby water between feedings. Water helps regulate waste removal and other body functions.

9. Offer variety in each meal.

10. Express delight when feeding your baby. Do not show dislike for the food you are giving him.

Remember that it is important to sterilize everything you will use to feed your baby and don’t forget to wash your hands.


*Source: Frisocare Weaning Guide Book

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