Tips for Choosing A Child Carrier or Trailer for Your Bike

Cycling can be a fun event for the entire family. If you have a small toddler, you will need to choose a child carrier or trailer for your bike. Some tips can help you make a good choice.

The Differences between Child Carrier and Trailer

A child carrier attaches to the bicycle behind or in front of the rider making it easy to transport a child. A trailer is attached behind the bicycle to transport small children. Both trailer and carrier offer some protection for riding with children. However, to make either option safer, it is better to have the occupants wear helmets. A bike towing a trailer will be more visible to passing vehicles, and it will stand alone when you get off the bike. If the bike falls, a carrier will fall as well. Therefore, when deciding between a carrier and a trailer, you should look at the safety features of both before choosing one.

Trailers can usually carry children that weigh up to 100 pounds. Some models will be large enough to carry more than one child. Trailers will transport children up to six years of age. They are a stable means of transportation.

child carrier
A front mounted carrier allows the child to see the area better, and it offers a smoother ride for the child.

A child carrier can usually hold children that weigh no more than 50 pounds. Therefore, the child’s weight will be a factor in choosing between a carrier or a trailer. A toddler will need to be able to sit up in the bike seat since the carrier will support the toddler’s head and shoulders while riding.

Types of Carriers

You will need to decide between a rear mounted or front mounted carrier. A front mounted carrier allows the child to see the area better, and it offers a smoother ride for the child. You will have more access to the child during the ride, which offers you the opportunity to keep a check on his or her condition. By using a front mounted carrier, you can attach a rear basket to carry needed supplies. However, the weight limit is less for the front mounted carrier than for a rear mounted carrier. In addition, all bicycles are not compatible with a front mounted carrier. A rear mounted carrier offers higher weight limits, and they are more compatible with more bicycle styles.

Most carriers consist of a harness system that will hold your toddler safely in place when being transported in a carrier. A carrier with a three-point harness system will be a good choice for securing your toddler to your bicycle.

Trailers for Transporting Toddlers

Trailers are a good choice to use to safely take your toddler along for the ride. They offer some safety features to protect the children. For instance, you can find trailers with cover flaps that will help protect the children from dust and flying objects. Some trailers are equipped with removable covers to shield the toddlers from the weather. However, a disadvantage of using a trailer is that the child will experience a bumpier ride than with a carrier.

After deciding which child transport attachment is best for you, you should have no problem finding either type at a Melbourne bicycle store.

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