Time Saving Kitchen Tips for Busy Moms

Moms whether stay at home or career moms, do spend so much time in the kitchen preparing food for the family. Despite busy schedules, mothers have that instinct to nurture her kids and the whole family whether it’s emotional or physical. Moms would never run out of hugs, kisses and food to feed you! You’d wonder how they can find all the energy to prepare meals from breakfast, snack fixes, dinner, a full feast and then attacking the dishes afterwards. Every mom must have some time saving kitchen tips for busy moms to share.

busy mom
Moms whether stay at home or career moms, do spend
so much time in the kitchen preparing food for the family.

The “Day Cup” Nook – Washing cups over and over again can be tiresome, why not designate a nook for “day cups” in the kitchen counter or on the table. Place every body’s water cups in this section so they’ll have something to use for drinking water. Cover it up with a paper towel or small saucer to prevent “pixie” dust from getting into it while the little ones are at play. If the cup has been used for juice or milk, can’t go back to this nook but straight to the sink.

Rotisserie Leftovers – roasted chicken from the grocery is a super time saver. After dinner, and everyone’s retired for the night, you can simply flake off leftover chicken, mix it with mayo, salt and pepper and tadah! You’ll have chicken salad or chicken sandwich the next day. Store in the refrigerator and use up for snacks or a quick lunch – an A1 kitchen tips for busy moms!

Crock Pot Magic – you can find hundreds of recipes online for crock pot cooking. There’s chicken, pork ribs, beef and way endless possibilities! Though slow cookers take some time to cook, once you have every ingredient in the pot, just seal it, put on the timer and you can go forget about it!

Super “trash” Catcher – while cooking or preparing meals, you can set a bowl or bucket next to your prep are. This can easily catch all your unwanted stalks and veggie or fruit peel so you’d only take one single trip to the trash bin. This one kitchen tip for busy moms will cut down the time you spent walking back and forth to throw things out.

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