Through Thick and Thin

We were already dating when Rhonnel got our house through Pag-Ibig. The first time we visited the place, it was still undeveloped, only roads there. We met our agents to choose the lot where we want our house to be built. It was an exciting experience and from then on, we visit the place whenever we have the time.Our house is a row house with just four walls, no ceiling, no terrace and no laundry area then. We had the ceiling and the laundry area fixed and had the kitchen moved just right beside the laundry area before we moved in year 2000. We were so excited to move in even the house paint was plain white and the kitchen area was untiled with no kitchen cabinets. May be one of the reasons why God didn’t give us RJ so soon is for us to save money for the house renovation. So before RJ came, we already have terrace, bedroom, tiled kitchen area and newly painted house.

Would you believe we only had P2,000 ($46) when we moved in? We spent quite big on our wedding for we were expecting to receive cash gifts but instead we received kitchen wares, appliances and furnitures and P12,000 ($266). We were thankful though because we have a complete kitchen and bedroom and some money for our honeymoon.

And because of Meralco’s slow processing or should I say poor service, we moved to our house without electricity. Thanks to our good neighbor, Ate Ellen (may she rest in peace), for allowing us to plug our extensions to them. We didn’t have television too so Rhonnel is watching basketball outside our house and through ate Ellen’s door which they were leaving open when Rhonnel is watching. So the fist appliance we bought is the television which we placed on top of a small side table because we had no TV rack. My in-laws gave us a new refrigerator as a wedding gift but it may be somehow bumped and got broken when we were moving. The company pulled it out and while we were waiting for the replacement, we were buying ice from the store for our cold water. Whew! What a not so good experience for a newly wed huh?

This house witnessed all our ups and downs as a couple. We may not be rich but I can say that we are living a comfortable life now. Thanks to my hardworking hubby. Through our perseverance and hard work and course God’s guidance and help, we were able to survive with flying colors and will be together in our so called home through thick and thin.
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  1. hi rossel, kumuha din kami new house sa daang hari sa camella through bank financing naman. Ngayon pa lang kami mag start at malayo pa tatawarin namin para makarating sa kinalalagyan nyo hayyy…

  2. Oh wow, lahat talaga nagsisimula sa maliit tokaya, pero ang sarap balikan diba? Lalo na if despite the struggles eh you never gave until it's achieved. Great inspiration you have here.

  3. Kumuha din kami ng fiancee ko ng house sa Cavite. nagwait kami ng approval ng pag ibig.. Nagwish nga ako na bago kasal ok na yong house, para di na kami magka prob pa..

    I'm glad to hear that you leave comfortably na sis..Sana marating din namin yan!

    thanks for sharing your story, God Bless:)

  4. Thanks for sharing. Napa emote ako sa story mo. Tayong mga ina ay daming napagdaanan.. puro nalalagpasan naman basta lang magsumikap at magdasal.

  5. ang galing nyo namna at sa umpisa pa lang ay talagang nga invest na. sana lahat ng mag uumpisa kagaya nyo

  6. We have already our own house pero kumuha pa ako nang hulugan condominium unit dito lang sa malapit nang aming bahay. For investment, kaya lang ang laki ang monthly amortization. Lakasan na lang nang loob. May awa din ang Diyos.

  7. awww…kaya tumitibay kasi marami kayong pinagsamahan lalo na at nagsimula kayo sa wala.I'm happy for what your are having now,Mommy Rossel–God is good talaga^_^

  8. ganyan talaga ang bagong mag-asawa, mag-uumpisa sa wala, at magtitiyaga kung ano ang mayroon…ganda ng entry mo Ross, may aral.

    BTW…parang ang tanda ko na pala kasi lola mo kamo ang nakikinig ng "gabi ng Lagim"? parang yan ang pinakikinggan ko noong elementary ako ah waaaaaaaaa

  9. That's the real essence of life. We can never succeed if we had not triumphed over all our struggles and trials in life. But the thing that kept you from quitting was your love for each other as you tenaciously hung on through thick or thin. Ganon lahat nang umpisa eh, nagi struggle. At least you were able to overcome all that and now have a quite comfortable life. The secret of contentment in life is being attuned with God in everything you do and trusting Him for all your needs and living a simple yet purposeful life. Thanks for the nostalgic post. God bless you all always.

  10. You story is very inspiring for newlyweds,sis. It takes a lot of courage and determination talaga para malampasan ang mga trials in life.

  11. that was a challenged that made your marriage stronger….now you guys can stand whatever trials may come :-)…i like it when you said, we are not rich, are living comfortably and that is the most important….

  12. Whew! napaka-nostalgia talaga mommy Ross.. indeed it's a great experience and you got flying colors indeed! I love it a lot! It's an inspiring one.. Thanks for sharing mommy Rossel.. as in binasa ko talaga xa word for word.. it is not a great experience but a great fun one.. I love it!

    thanks by the way for visiting My Nostalgia: With Friends at Seagull Valley mommy Ross and yeah, you guys should have to have a honeymoon on your 20th anniversary.. that would be awesome! 😉 ~hugs&kisses;~

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