Through Pens and Colors

I love you…this is what I always get whenever RJ holds her pencils and crayons.

I love you

Drawings and letters are good ways for the children to express their feelings aside from smooching and cuddling. There are children who don’t want to be snuggled closely but very good in expressing their thoughts and feelings through pens and colors. I’m lucky that our girl loves both…being cuddled and writing I love you’s.

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  1. the kid could not express it if she did not feel and experience it from her parents, I really look up to you and your family, God bless you always!

  2. aawww… how sweet of RJ! I’m sure maraming nakukuhang hugs si RJ everytime she draw and write letters to you ^_^

    Thanks for dropping by,sistah!
    Have a nice day^_^

  3. i can’t wait for my little one to start making these lovely “i love you cards” i will keep them all in an album so he can show it to his own children when it is his time 🙂

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