Thirty Year Old Sharpener

One afternoon hubby came home with a pencil sharpener and he was so excited. Why does such a sharpener excite him so much? Well, it is not just an ordinary sharpener. It is his and her sister’s sharpener when they were still preschoolers so it has sentimental value. That was 30 years ago but still the old sharpener is as sharp as the first time. My father in-law went to hubby’s office sometime last week with the sharpener and now RJ is using it.


That is one advantage of not throwing away old stuffs. Sometimes you can still use them in the future while reminiscing the memories engraved in it. Some people are having hard time throwing things that are no longer important yet with sentimental value. Not me. With a place like ours that is diminutive, throwing or giving away old things is a must or else we will have mountains of unwanted things.

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  1. Awwww that is antique na kumbaga and with sentimental value pa.. Ingatan mo tokaya para masalo pa ng adming generation hehehe. I hope di mawala yung package.. Sensya ka na dun ha.

  2. Napadaan…ang galing natago pa ung sharpener 🙂 ako rin mahilig magtago ng mga bagay bagay kahit wala nang use pero hubby ko naman nagagalit hehe

  3. super vintage na ititch ko rin ang ganito..meron sa oofice pero mas gusto ko yang sayo..very girly..parang si rainbow brite girl..
    Mommy you might want to join Orange Tuesdays Meme. Would love to see you there..

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