The Solution for New Parents

The mecca for all mothers, was there to help parents when it released its first app. Its use: to talk mothers through every step of pregnancy, daily tips on the subject and advice on feeding and looking after your baby once it is born.

But now bounty has a new app. This one is even cooler than the previous one. It helps you in the long and arduous task of choosing a baby name for your new born. It contains an endless list of names that is constantly updated as new names are thought up of, which is perfect for those parents who want their kids to be ahead of the trend. It also gives a detailed description of origin and meaning of a name, which can help you find the perfect name for what you think your child is going to be like when he grows up.

Another amazing function the app has is to give you a list of the most popular names locally making sure that the people close to you know that you have one cool kid! It also has many other functions including, shaking the phone for a random name just in case you are hoping for divine intervention to help you make the big decision.

But the best part of it all is the social aspect. You can use either Facebook, Twitter or email to share with friends and family you love what name you might think is the right one. This way they can let you know what they think and give you feedback or advice about what they think might be better.

Even the look of the app is perfect for expectant parents. Its subtle blend of pink and blue really makes you think baby boys and baby girls! The important thing is that you find the right name for your child and this new app by bounty could just be the help you are looking for!

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