The Power of Red

While RED can mean temper, anger or danger because it is associated with fiery heat and warmth, on the positive side it is commonly known as Christmas and New Year color because it symbolizes prosperity and joy. That is why every December 31st, before the midnight strikes, you can see the three of us wearing red.

Red is the color that provokes the most physiological responses. It has been shown that red causes the human heart beat and blood pressure to rise and to aid the interconnection of brain neurons. It has also been shown that people working in a red environment work faster, but they also make more mistakes. It increases restlessness and nervous tension. Also, red is commonly regarded to increase appetite. In the Western World it is also a symbol of love and passion.

You can also put some red in your life when you want:
•    more energy

•    increased enthusiasm and interest
•    action and confidence to go after your dreams
•    protection from fears and anxieties

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  1. Those are helpful info. Thanks! Thank you too for sharing those lovely photos.

    Red is not a good color to wear these days in my host country. It has a critical political meaning 🙁

  2. Those are great information. Dapat pala hindi ako magpupula para hindi mag increase ang appetite ko. Meron bang color na pampawala ng sobrang appetite sa pagkain? Hehehhee…

    Story Of A Woman

  3. hello mommy! great red family photo you have in here also. Thanks for sharing the meaning of red too.

    Take care and God bless!

  4. Di talaga nawawala ang very informative lesson dito ah. Kala ko basta red car laging nahuhuli ng pulis, hehehe! Kaya white kotse ko eh, nahuli pa rin, ng mag cross ako sa red light, hehehe!

    Oy, bakit di mo nilagay ang picture nyong tatlo na naka red, bakit si RJ lang ang nasa picture.

  5. so cute naman ng family pic nyo.. kami naman fuschia pink nung xmas hehe.. have a nice weekend =)

  6. Babies see red at first din di b? even animals (bulls and dogs) kaya when my boy wear his red jacket dogs look at him with intent and he asked me the last time bakit daw lagi sha tinitingnan lol. Nywei, happy weekend!

  7. i love the reds here, ganda ng Christmas tree :-)….kami din we try to wear red on Christmas day as much as possible 🙂

  8. Thanks for the info about red. Didn't know about making more mistakes with red environment.
    Nice family photo in red, sis!

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