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“I was Out, He’s In-charge”. This seldom happens to us because when I was 5 months on the family way, I resigned from my job and decided to be a full-time mom and wife. Since then I am in-charge of RJ and our house 24/7. Whenever I need to go out with my friends, it’s the only time for Rhonnel to be a full-time dad and in-charge on our house though it’s not usually for long hours and happens only 2 to 3 times a year. But there was this incident that I won’t forget.

I was still suffering from post-partum syndrome and somehow felt my social life was snatched from me. So when I got the chance to go out (it was because we had a misunderstanding and I wanted to be alone), my first time to be out again alone after eight months, I almost forgot that I have a 4 month old baby. I was out for long hours and it was already dark when I came back and the scenario was – RJ was sleeping on Rhonnel’s lap while he was sitting on a mattress placed on the floor. On the floor, on Rhonnel’s left, is RJ’s feeding bottle while on his right is a bottle of Ginebra San Miguel and a glass. It’s Rhonnel’s first time to drink gin. My tears fell down when I saw them. Rhonnel was red all over because of his allergy to alcohol and the design of RJ’s underwear was in front which was supposed to be on the back. What kind of mom am I? Just because of a petty misunderstanding I was able to leave my baby for long hours. Of course Rhonnel fed RJ, changed her clothes and took good care of her while he was hurting inside.
I knew the fault was all mine so right there and then I said sorry and we kissed and made up. From then on no more misunderstandings. We both realized that we must sit, talk and resolve things before it leads us to anything else.
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  1. Oohh that was sad Sis…the first time i left hubby at home because of misunderstanding he didn't eat the whole day coz he doesn't know how to cook and he was waiting for me…

    I think it is really needed for couples to settle misunderstandings right away to avoid further things to happen..

    Happy CC Sis:)

  2. yay, naimagine ko naman ang scene na un.. bote ng gatas sa kabila, sa kbila gin 🙁

    must have been hard for both of u.. siguro tula luha tlga while kissing and making up hihih

  3. nakakasad naman yang story mo. pero di pa rin talaga pinabayaan ng asawa mo si baby. ako naman pag galit ke hubby ,dun ako sa room ngm ga bata. mag isa siya sa room at lalapit lang para magkiss pero deadma ko siya. di ko kasi kayang iwan mga bata.

  4. aw kaka touch nmn =(
    minsan tlga may topak tyung mga babae…ehhehe =)) pero ako pag tinotopak d ko magwang topakin ng todo kasi may kids na maaapektuhan…minsan nga nakka guilty kasi pag galit ako sa asawa ko sa anak ko ako nagagalit =(
    hay….mga momi tlga!
    thnks fr the visit sis! d ko p lam panu gumawa ng bloglist dito know how ba?

  5. Buti na lang girl nd nag swap instead na gin ang i drink ng hubby mo eh yung gatas ang nainom, kidding though anyway its part of growing up together and you would both learned a lesson for it for sure, thanks for dropping by rossel

  6. Oh no, never ko namiss ang single life when I got married, buti na lang hehehe. At uminom pala ang Papa Rhonnel tokaya lol. Salamat for the greetings!

  7. It takes a brave person to admit his/her shortcomings. You're indeed a a brave person, a loving wife and for sure a great mum..good luck in life..=)

  8. That's a touching moment Mommy Rossel. Well, at least kahit na uminom si Rhonnel di pa rin niya pinabayaan ang kanyang unica hija. I bet you felt so bad after seeing that scenario, kahit ako siguro maiiyak. Pero minsan kasi kapag me misunderstanding ang mag asawa, it's better to cool down kesa mag away at magsabihan ng mga salitang di na mababawi di ba? you did the right thing to get away from him for a while, then you realized that everything needs to be talked about before it gets out of hand. I bet he was so happy to see you when you got back from going out..

  9. everytime me and hubby has misunderstanding and I will leave, lugi parin ako kasi lalabas sila at kakain sa posh restos tapos inggit ako …waaaaaa! Buhay nga naman … mine sis is up at On This Side of Town

  10. ano kaya ang itsura noh , sakabila SB.. hahahaha naimagine ko tuloy..Pero nakakatouch ang story sis… But at least you both learned.

  11. We learn lessons in life the hard way. One of the lessons that we must understand is that when parents quarrel, their offspring suffers. Parents are no longer on their own. They have bigger responsibilities than be engrossed in each others' misunderstanding. At least both of you learned your lessons well and maybe next time that you have a misunderstanding you will consider your offspring first before yourselves. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  12. eheheh hi sis! thnks for dropping by….real estate is magnda kung masioag ka…dami ko n nga na miss n inquiries…so busy with the kids and at home kasi eh =)

    ang sweet sweet tgnan ng mag ama mo ano?! =)

  13. Nagpost-partum ka rin pala. ako rin pero feeling ko sandali lang din yung sa akin emote lang ba…nakakatouch naman pala yung dinatnan mong eksena sis. pero mabuti nag-kiss and make-up din kayo agad. ganun naman kapag love niyo ang isa't-isa di na pinapalaki ang problem.

  14. kaya pala pamilyar ang picture, nabasa ko na, hehehehe. Mommy Rossel, wag mo ng iwwan si Daddy Rhonnel ha, kasi baka next time eh matador na ang inumin, jowk…

  15. you must really be hurt that time ate rossel… ako din pag nasasaktan ako, parang nakakalimot ako… pero kelan lang natutunan kong di na mag attempt lumabas, naghihiwalay nalang kame ng iniistay-an, sa sala sya, sa kwarto ako… hehehe…

    pero so touching talaga yun, siguro nung time na yun na nakita mo silang ganun, sa sarili mo na ikaw nagalit noh? nawala na ang galit mo kay daddy rhonnel… ganyan talaga siguro pag tinitopak tayo… hehehe…

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