The Marvels of Medical Scrubs

I accompanied RJ to her pediatrician last week due to her sore eyes. She was not in the mood because she was so irritated by the burning and scratchy sensation in her eyes but her face lit up upon seeing the nurses in their scrubs with cartoon characters. The sight somehow eased her discomfort. It was great to see her smiling even when she’s irritable. That’s the marvel of these stylish medical scrubs. Unlike during the time when I still had my duties in the hospital, the uniforms were so plain so to speak making the ambiance dreary.

Medical scrubs are now worn in different medical facilities worldwide. And if you are looking for one, there is a full selection of Cherokee scrubs to choose from that come in variety of styles and designs. With these fashionable scrubs, you can still look and feel your best while working. You can attend to your patients, run to errands and perform your other duties while being comfortable at the same time. Now that there are also Maternity scrubs available, you can enjoy the comfort of these medical scrubs even if you are pregnant. Maternity scrubs from Cherokee are in flattering styles and available in range of sizes so you can choose the size that fits you best.

Nowadays, I also see people who are not in medical field yet they are wearing medical scrubs because of the comfort it brings. Why not? The material is very lightweight and easy to wash. Plus at the end of the day, all you have to do is change to your regular clothes, place your scrubs in the laundry bin and go home without worrying of the germs and bacteria that you could possibly pass on to your loved ones.

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  1. I like scrubs and of course unfortunately i cant wear one hahaha edi para naman akong tanga hehe but i really find them very cute

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