The Intangible Flavorful Taste of Umami

What could be a better tandem than a husband who loves to eat and a wife who loves to cook? There are times I think it is the reason why we have each other, lol! Hubby and I both adore foods and now that our little girl is beginning to delight her palate, I am grateful that my ancestors passed on to me their passion for cooking. Because we do not always have the budget to eat out, I cook our meals most of the time.

umami rich dishes

I am glad that my little kitchen helper, the Ajinomoto umami seasoning, is always on the rescue. It’s been my partner for years now. For my family, it is not enough that the food is simply delicious. Every meal should be flavorful and Ajinomoto umami seasoning is what gives that intangible flavorful taste to every dish I cook. It always make dining a pleasurable experience for my family. Even the simple chicken soup like “tinola”, a very good comfort food that will help you back on your feet, could be tastier with umami seasoning.

Chicken Tinola

What is Umami by the way? Umami is the taste that originates in glutamate, one of the 20 amino acids which are present in most natural foods such as mushrooms, seafood, poultry, meat, cheese, milk and vegetables. When we add more umami in the dish, it will enhance the deliciousness of the four natural flavors, sweet, sour, salty and bitter thus it is called the 5th basic taste.

I also use other products from Ajinomoto which are rich in umami. I use Ginisa mix for fried rice, fish and sautéed dishes and Crispy Fry for fried chicken and porkchops.

Ajinomoto Products

When I received a loot bag of freebies from Ajinomoto, I was delighted to learn that there are also other products that my family has yet to try. I can’t wait to use them on my next menu.

*I am not paid or in anyway related to Ajinomoto. I am using their products for years and just wanted to share my wonderful and flavorful experience with other Moms out there who also has passion for cooking.
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