The Best Television Musical Shows to Watch Now

Those who love music, singing, and dancing love musicals. Whether it’s watching a live performance on Broadway, or watching a classic movie musical, they find themselves drawn into the action and singing along. The problem with musicals is that many are very long. You don’t always have 120 minutes or more to sit down and watch an entire film. If you want to sing and have less time available, consider kicking back with a television musical. These shows are so interesting and entertaining that you may want to watch every episode in the series.

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“Glee” is one of the classic television musical shows, though it only went off the air in 2015. The series centered around a Spanish teacher who took over the glee club that he was a member of as a teenager. The show also focused on a wide range of students, including cheerleaders, football players and outsiders. It featured a number of current songs and songs from decades past. Some even claim that it inspired the street pianos in NY charity movement. Some episodes even even focus on songs from a specific artists like Madonna or Michael Jackson.

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is a fun show that people of all ages love, especially teenagers and adults. This show tells the story of a woman who changed her life after running into her ex-boyfriend on the street. Their chance meeting led to her quitting her job and moving across the country to be near him. Each episode features several original songs based around the events in that episode, and many of those songs will make you laugh. This show is so popular that its lead actress even won a Golden Globe in 2016 for her performance.

“The Voice”

“The Voice” is the best television musical show for those who like keeping an eye for the next big superstar. Unlike other singing competitions that put a high level of importance on looks, this show focuses more on the voices of contestants. Celebrities like Adam Levine and Blake Shelton face away from the stage and decide whether to coach a contestant based only on what they hear. The teams then compete each week to win the show. These three shows feature new music and classic songs from new and talented artists. Watching one episode might make you want to binge watch an entire season.

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