The Baby Me

And who is this bouncing baby girl? No other than…ME! This is the only baby picture I have that is why I treasure this so much. My mom used to tell me stories about the baby me.  I am a first born  so everybody in the house were very excited. It was my Dad’s eldest sister Ninang Fe (RIP) who gave  my name. According to my Mom I was 9 lbs. when she delivered me. Yup that big and I am wondering why I suddenly stopped growing when I reached 5 feet, lol!



This is a good meme from a good blogging friend, Rose of Nostalgic Marveling. There are no themes for this meme so it is up to us what to post.

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  1. Aww buti ka pa tokaya may baby pic ako wala as in hehehe.. At ang chabachingching mo dito lol.. 9 lbs is so big, I bet your Mom had a hard time pushing hehehe..

    Advance happy birthday tokaya!

    Ano pala yung congratulations?

  2. Same here–wala din akong baby pics!!OMG!!hirap nga siguro ang nanay mo ng pinanganak ka.Medyo hawig kay RJ ang baby pic mo,Mommy Rossel.

  3. my gosh…my gosh…so cute…ehhehehe..bouncing baby ba naman ang term…so cute mo dito te….sapar pisilin…ehehhe!

    me too, I am happy that your parents were able to kept this pic…so nostalgic…thanks for sharing!

    Mine is here. So Nostalgic

  4. I do not have any baby pic too i do not know why wala ako…Nice one. I have a late entry also hope you will visit.

  5. This is so nice that you were able to keep a very nice baby picture of you, you are so cute and so adorable when you are just a baby,

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