Teaching Children the Value of Responsibility

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

Whether you believe the Bible or not, the proverb is a logical one. Even bamboo shoots can be formed in a way you wanted it while it is young. That is why you can see bamboo art while the grass is alive like braided into each other. When it grows old it will be impossible to untangle the braid without breaking the bamboo. Neither can you train it anew when it can no longer be bent.

value of responsibility
Childhood is the best time to teach them the value of responsibility.
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Children are the same. The ages for children to absorb learning is between 2-7 years old. Those are the formative years. Beyond that it will be very difficult, if not at all impossible. Mothers are often known to be as the martyr of the family, doing everything around the house and yet being able to keep the morale and spirits up. Oftentimes she would rather just do things and let her children enjoy their childhood to the maximum. This is where something goes wrong.

Childhood is the best time to teach them the value of responsibility. Teach them how to pick up their toys and store them away after playing. It is reminding them where things ought to be placed because there is a place for everything. It is teaching them how to sweep the floor and clean the table. They start with easy tasks and graduate to doing heavier tasks as they grow older.

The mere picking up of a candy wrapper from the floor and throwing it in the waste bin without being told is a good indication that the child has learned the value of responsibility. As the child grows older into adulthood, with training from home, that child will learn to cope with the world, which is oftentimes fierce than the environment at home. With a good background from childhood, he/she will be able to earn the respect of employers and workers. A child trained with responsibility will be more liked and adored in the future which is where the gate of blessings often opens.

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