Teaching Baby How To Talk

First time parents are very eager to hear their baby talk to the point of wanting to record whatever word they were able to say. Most of the time, babies would be able to utter one syllable words like “mom”, “ma”, “pa” or “ta” and it brings so much joy. Such words because they often hear it in the household and parents sometimes refer themselves in third person.

As time pass by, parents would enjoy trying to understand those “baby talks” not realizing that they are mimicking it. They shouldn’t be surprised if their baby will talk that way for a longer period of time.


“Baby talking” to kids may sound cute but it can’t help them in their talking skills. As much as possible, talk to them naturally so that they would do their best to sound exactly like you in the future. If you stoop down to their level of talking, they would think that they are already saying it correctly and won’t bother to change the way they say it.

There are also some mothers who shared that reading books or talking to their babies while they are still inside the womb influenced the speaking abilities of their kids. Some are even reading the daily newspaper aloud during their pregnancy.

Another way to teaching baby how to speak properly is through constant encouragement. Even though the words weren’t properly said, appreciate it and just give the correct way of saying it afterwards. Take time to talk to your kids the moment they start babbling words. Even though they aren’t comprehensible yet, keep talking (properly).

Babies are mimickers and will just follow what they often hear. If they’re hearing “baby talks”, then most likely they would like that. However, if you are going to talk naturally, then the result would be otherwise.

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