Teach Your Kids to Help Save the Earth

save the earth1. Teach your kids how to conserve water. Let them know that they are doing something good every time they turn off the tap when not in use while brushing their teeth.

2. Encourage your kids to play outdoors and appreciate nature. It is a lot better than spending whole day in front of  computer and television. It’s the best way to save the Earth while giving your kids sense of freedom at the same time.

3. Teach your kids to use paper sparingly. Let them know that papers are from trees so they should use it wisely. Give them white board or scratch papers to draw on instead.

4. Help your kids understand how bad cellophane and plastics bags are to the Earth. Be a good example by preparing their snacks or packed lunch in reusable containers.

5. Let your kids walk or ride a bike as much as they can everywhere they go. It will help  them burn calories and reduce greenhouse gases.

6. Remind your kids not to leave their cellphones, PSP chargers and other gadgets plugged. These gadgets still consume electricity even when they are not in use.

7. Help your children plant fruit-bearing trees.This will help them to like fruits and clean the air they breathe.

8. Make it your kids habit to turn off the light and other appliances before leaving the room.

9. Teach your kids to recycle. Help them find uses for their trash, such as empty potato chips container as pen holder.

10. Set as good example to your kids. Kids look up to their parents as role models. Show your kids that you yourself is helping to save the Earth.

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