Tamaraw Falls, Puerto Galera

As they say, a Puerto Galera adventure will not be complete without visiting the majestic Tamaraw Falls. Majestic because its beauty will leave you in awe, most especially if you are a first timer like me. Yes, it was my first time to see a waterfall…shameful but true. đŸ˜›

Tamaraw Falls is a 462-foot waterfalls beside the road, 14 kilometers from the town proper of Puerto Galera. Most hotels offer a tour package to Tamaraw Falls for P1,500 ($37.50) per person with lunch included. We are lucky that it is included in our 1 day tour package of different activities which only cost P3,500 ($87.50), with lunch for the three of us. But if you are adventurous and have limited budget, you can go there on your own just like what the locals do. Tamaraw falls is approximately 30 minutes from the town proper of Puerto Galera. You can take a jeepney bound to Calapan near the Petron gasoline station and ask the driver to drop you off Tamaraw Falls. Jeepney fare is just P30. The road going to Tamaraw Falls is a mountainous paved zigzag. You’ll know if you are near the falls because you can hear the water plunge while approaching the area.

The water from the falls is collected on two man-made pools on the other side of the bridge where everyone can dip and swim. The water is so cold that I didn’t dare to dip even my toes. You need to pay P20 ($0.50) entrance fee if you want to swim on the man-made pool and/or use the picnic huts.

Our girl was so brave to dip in the ice-cold water (2nd pool) with hubby.
I didn’t know how they were able to tolerate such temperature.

The 1st man-made pool was hazy. Maybe that’s the
reason why no one is swimming when we went there.

Picnic hut perched on the side of the pool.

Barbecue grills and toilets are available but don’t expect for the toilets to be as clean as your toilet at home as hundreds of tourists and locals are visiting the Tamaraw Falls most especially on summer. Fresh young coconut, locally called “buko”, are available at the entrance as well as stalls selling snacks and souvenirs.

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