Take Advantage of the Summer Break with Pure ‘n Fresh

Summer is one of the most awaited season of the year by my daughter, or should I say by my whole family.  It’s not just because of the endless sunshine but also because it is vacation! We don’t have to wake up early in the morning, no stress on assignments and projects and most of all more bonding time for us. Here are our favorite summer activities:

Making popsicles or ice candies – instead of buying the sugar-filled pops, we love to make our own fruit popsicles at home. It’s a great activity and healthy treat for the kids on summer.

Jogging  – burn those fats while maintaining the stamina and keeping the body healthy. We do this every Sunday morning.

Badminton – it is an enjoyable game that gives many health benefits and almost zero injuries.  It can be played both outdoor and indoor.


Frisbee – it is a fun game that was recently introduced by my husband to the family. The role of the game is to catch the Frisbee thrown by one player. (sorry, I can’t see our picture playing frisbee)

Camping – my family loves to go camping, though we only do this on summer. It is an affordable yet fun way to escape the routines of city life.


Swimming – this is my daughter’s most favorite summer activity. She can swim all night and day.


Not to mention volleyball, playing guitar and singing as my daughter’s everyday activities. Yes, that’s how active she is. I am glad that despite of her active lifestyle and summer heat she keeps her body clean and good smelling with the help of Pure ‘n Fresh. She never leaves home without her kikay kit and Pure ‘n Fresh. Pure ‘n Fresh is a product of Unilab. It is specially made for kids. It has milk protein making it gentle for sensitive skin.

Pure 'n Fresh
If you like to take advantage of the summer break as much as we do and keep your children away from the computer, try the abovementioned activities with your kids. Of course don’t forget Pure ‘n Fresh to beat the summer heat.

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