Young Love

When my cousin Jhanna, the one who just had her debut two weeks ago, was asked what her birthday wish is, she said she hopes that her father would allow her to have a boyfriend now that she’s 18. I smiled because I had my first date at 20. I don’t understand why teens today are over eager to have partners. I know a teen girl in the neighborhood who celebrated her 16th birthday with cake, Sweet 16 Invitations, cotillion and all. It’s like having a debut in advance. After her birthday she thought she is matured enough to get married and have a baby.

young love

When I watched “Tunay na Buhay” (hosted by Rhea Santos) last September 23, their episode was about a young couple who are both 14 years old. I can’t help but sigh and ask myself how they would cope with married life despite their young age. Are they ready for a life-long commitment?

Though young love and teenage marriage are already accepted by society, based on what I have seen around, young couples have less schooling and less opportunities thus, they have more chance of living in poverty. These kids should understand that marriage is not a bed of roses. It’s a life-long commitment so they must be matured enough and are really ready physically, emotionally, and financially before they say “I do”.

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