5 Cheap Ways to Have a Bit of Mom-time

Being a great mom isn’t always easy in these difficult times, and striving to keep our families happy can often mean our days are very stressful. Stress is something we could really do without though; as it is one of the world’s biggest killers and can often be the cause of and heart attacks. Our families certainly wouldn’t be happy if we were no longer with them, which is why it’s really important to make a little Mom-time for yourself.

Bearing in mind that we’re all tightening our purse strings at the moment, with Christmas just around the corner, here are my 5 favourite cheap ways of spending a bit of Mom-time:

Pamper time

Lighting a few candles, especially
aromatic ones, is a nice addition,
as is playing some of your favourite
ballads quietly in the background.

It would be nice to be able to afford to pop down to the local spa whenever we felt like it, but you can still have a great time pampering yourself at home for a couple of hours. Start by running a soothing hot bath and pour in some of that bubble bath you need to use up to make room for the new stuff you’ll probably get for Christmas. Lighting a few candles, especially aromatic ones, is a nice addition, as is playing some of your favourite ballads quietly in the background, or taking in that book you keep trying to find time to read. Just thinking about it relaxes me. After your bath, take time to manicure your nails and rub some moisturiser all over yourself.


Yoga is especially great when you’re feeling anxious, achy or both, as it not only stretches both those problems away but also teaches you breathing techniques to help you relax. There’s loads of cheap second-hand Yoga DVD’s out there which offer workouts from ten minutes to an hour, so there’s no excuse for not finding time however busy you are. Some of the positions can be quite difficult to get into at first, but after a few sessions you’ll amaze yourself with how supple you’ve become – and how much more relaxed you feel. It is especially beneficial for moms to be.


Playing games has been proven to reduce stress and help reduce the possibility of contracting mental illnesses such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. Playing games with the kids is good for you, but if you want a bit of Mom time then I find playing bingo is a great, fun way to relax. Going out to play bingo isn’t always possible but, when the kids have gone to bed, there’s nothing to stop you enjoying a game or two of online bingo. It’s not as expensive as you might think either as you can play lot of the games for just a few pennies. Even better, if you’re new to bingo, lots of the online sites reward new customers with some no deposit bingo money like Butlers which gives you the chance to play free bingo games at Butlers. You can also win cash prizes and even jackpots – which would certainly help on the money front. In between games you can also chat to other bingo players (typically Mom’s like us) in the online chat-rooms or visit the casino!


Walking is one of the most underrated and wonderful ways to relax. Whether you walk through a local beauty spot or nearby park, you can enjoy nice scenery and fresh air, whilst all the time giving your heart a much needed workout, which also gets those stress-combating endorphins flowing.


Having green fingers might not be for everyone, but you should probably give it a go if you’ve never tried it, especially weeding. It’s been proven that weeding can be very good for you because it’s psychosomatic in the fact that it helps you feel like you’re clearing all the rubbish from your life.

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Benefits of Prenatal Yoga for Young Moms to Be

Prenatal yoga exercises are focused on breathing and safe sequences to help ease mom’s labor and delivery.

Pregnancy can be both an exciting and frightening experience. There are a lot of changes and challenges that the body needs to go through. For a young mom, prenatal yoga can help them relax, feel comfortable and keep them physically fit during their pregnancy. Yoga workshops for expectant moms are becoming quite popular these days because of the benefits it can give especially for first time moms to be.

Prenatal yoga exercises are focused on breathing and safe sequences to help ease mom’s labor and delivery. As you learn to meditate, you also improve abilities in concentration and relaxation. One of the common complaints in pregnancy is back pain and some women experience shortness of breath because of this. Breathing exercises in yoga meditation or the Pranayama technique can help women manage pain especially during contractions. Prenatal yoga workshop helps increase leg strength with simple standing postures. During these workshops, many young moms also develop their self-confidence, they learn more about their ripening body and they get more courage to face their fears in child birth.

Expectant moms especially the younger ones should be prepared physically and mentally for them to bring out a healthy new being. Delivering a baby is not a movie that anybody can enjoy watching. It involved blood, pain and sweat of hard labor. By preparing yourself, your body and your mind to all of these, you can enjoy your pregnancy right from the beginning. Most pregnant yogi starts their pre natal workshop during the second trimester to help women adjust their postures to the growing weight inside them. Balance postures taught in workshop helps women listen to their bodies and build courage and stamina.

Pregnancy can give a woman a lot of mixed of emotions. It is a time that her body, mind and spirit experience a change and this should be taken as an opportunity to transform feelings of weakness into strength. Young moms also get the chance to meet other expectant moms and build a supportive network who understands the amazing experience that you are going through.

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