Christmas Wish List

First, let me show you our Christmas tree and the wreath and garland at our main door. I made some of the decorations and put these up last month through RJ’s help.
The holidays are approaching past and the happiest person in our house is RJ.
She does not need to have a wish list though because she keeps on reiterating what she wants for Christmas since October. She wants Ken (Barbie’s friend) and Word Factory. I do not know if Santa would give her Ken. She has plenty of dolls, most especially Barbies, that she seldom touches and play with. As for the Word Factory, she can have that for sure and maybe one more mind game because Santa wants educational toys for kids.  =)
What is on my Christmas wish list? Waaah, I cannot have that this Christmas because it was way expensive and we cannot afford that for now. Wondering what it is?
…a Canon EOS/SLR digital camera kit. I am drooling for it but I can wait, anyway.
What is on Rhonnel’s Christmas wish list? Honestly, I do not know. He is not asking for anything but I know that he loves to have this one…
…an airsoft pistol.
Hmmm…it seems that only RJ could get what  is on her Christmas wish list. But that is fine with us. Christmas is more than the gifts we receive and the good food on the table anyway. The three of us celebrating this holiday season together with our loved ones brings the true meaning of Christmas.