Website Hosting Impact in SEO Ranking

When I was first introduced to blogging a year ago, everything is Greek to me. I don’t know a thing about blogging and much more about search engine optimization (SEO), page ranks, domain names, website hosting, etc. I was so naïve that I had to bug some friends and stayed up the whole day surfing the web. So after 3 months of research and a lot of help from my friends, I finally learned how to tweak my site, I learned what page rank is and learned how important website hosting is in search engine optimization ranking.

I was blogging for four months when my site got its PR3 ranking. I was so overwhelmed so I bought my own domain name and got a hosting package without consulting anyone of my blogging geek friends. That was when my site lost its page rank. It was after a month again when I got my PR3 back, after doing some research again. I suggest that before switching to a new web host, do a lot of research and bug as many friends as you can. Research + references could help you find a good web host. Though it’s not a must, a hosting package (domain name + web hosting) is better as problems may occur if the integration of the domain name and the web hosting is not seamless.

Yes, website hosting has a direct impact in SEO ranking. Poor server uptime can have detrimental effect on the ability of the search engine to index a website resulting to a low page rank or no page rank at all.