Why might your tap water look dirty?

We all know that it’s vital you drink enough water in order to remain hydrated and healthy. But what if your tap water looks dirty and unappealing; you are probably not going to want to drink it. You want to have access to clean and fresh water that actually looks like something you would want to drink.

Of course, if you have a water filtration system in operation in your home you are able to filter your tap water if there appears to be a problem with it, to make it safe to drink. In fact, water filtration is useful at any time, to help removal additives and chemicals that can be found in some tap water. You may be thinking that you drink bottled water so why should you be concerned about the colour of your tap water.

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The truth about bottled water

The truth is that it’s really not a good idea to buy and drink bottled water. It is no safer to drink than ordinary tap water and the plastic bottles end up in landfill or in the oceans. This means that bottled water is not especially healthy to drink and it is very bad for the environment. You need to concentrate on making sure your tap water is safe to drink.

What can make tap water change colour?

If your tap water is usually clear and all of a sudden it turns cloudy and dirty looking this usually means that there has been some sort of disturbance in the water system. The type of disturbance that could be to blame includes the re-laying of water pipes. It’s also possible that dirty drinking water can be caused by breaks or cracks in the pipes supplying the water. It’s important to remember that these pipes run in the ground and come into contact with a variety of different potential contaminants.

You need to make sure that you filter your tap water before you drink it. You also need to make sure that you call professionals such as plumbingdetectives.com.au if the problem with your drinking water continues. The replacement of water pipes should only ever be a temporary issue, so if the discolouration continues you need to have the situation investigated.

We all need water in order to survive; it’s a basic necessity of life. An average adult should be drinking around 8 average glasses of water each day. That is around two litres. If your drinking water does not look good then you are not going to want to drink this amount of water. You should not be tempted to resort to bottled water. You should make sure you have a water filtration system in place and you should get to the bottom of the cause of the discolouration of your drinking water. If the situation does not quickly resolve itself you should make sure you call a professional plumber and enlist their help.

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Why does your tap water taste bad and how can you improve it?

Many people have a fascination for drinking bottled water but the good news is that the water you get from your tap can be just as safe to drink; safer in some circumstances. That does not mean that your tap water always tastes as good as you would like it to. If you drink water from your tap you want it to be a refreshing and tasty experience. There are ways that you can make sure of this.

One of the best ways to make sure your tap water is as great tasting and safe to drink as possible is to filter it. You can check out the filtered water coolers at Clean and Clear to see which one is the best fit for your home. Let’s take a look at why your water may taste bad and why filtering is a good idea.

Reasons why your tap water may not taste as good as it should

One of the main causes of bad tasting water is chlorine. This is often put into water supplies in an attempt to remove some of the contaminants that may be present. The problem with chlorine is that is does not taste great. If your water has been treated with chlorine then it will likely have a chemical taste and smell. The effect is nowhere near as strong as that created by the chlorine in swimming pools but, depending on how sensitive you are to chlorine, it can still be a problem.

Another reason that your water may not taste great is the presence of metals. Metal such as iron and copper from your pipes can make its way into your water over time. Metal can also be present in the water supply itself. If the problem is coming from your pipes then you will notice it more when you first switch on the tap during the day.

The water that comes out has been lying in the pipes for a while so the metallic taste is likely to be stronger. The most important thing to remember, when it comes to the presence of metals in water, is that lead can be very dangerous. If your pipes are really old, and have not been updated at all since the 1980s, you should have them checked out for the presence of lead.

Why filtration is a good idea

When it comes to dealing with the chlorine in your water, you are never going to be able to completely eliminate it. Filtration can limit the chlorine content in your water though; reducing the odour and taste present. Filtration can also remove metals from your water. If you are having problems with the taste of your tap water then using a water filtration system is a good idea. It is not just the taste of your water that filtration can help with either; it can also remove many of the hundreds of contaminants that can be found in tap water on occasion, making it completely safe to drink.

You can see why it makes sense to filter your tap water; to ensure you get a great tasting drink that is safe and refreshing.

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