Watching Movies Together

Rhonnel and I are both addicted to movies and American TV series. A day won’t pass without us spending an hour or two in front of our TV or monitor rather, in the bedroom watching together and sometimes we spend weekends watching the whole day. What good is we love the same genre, action, detective/police story and comedy. We like romantic movies if it is also a comedy and we seldom watch horror and sci-fi movies. While we are watching, you won’t hear a thing except for our laughs (if it is a comedy film) and heartbeats. We enjoy it more when the room is dark and if we have chips, fries or anything to eat just like that of a movie house. We just watch and then discuss our reactions to the film after.

Rhonnel leaves the house at 7am and comes home at 6pm everyday. We are not together the whole day so watching movies is our one way of bonding and his way or relaxing. We are very thankful to our daughter for giving us some time to be alone. We don’t need to ban her from the room so hubby and I could watch together, lol! There are times that movies help us get in a romantic mood and reminisce those days when we were just dating. Being romantic doesn’t mean a five star hotel date or a candle light dinner (though this is best on special occasions). Often times, small and simple things are the most precious like eating together and watching movies together.