Helping People Equals Helping Yourself

The fact that volunteering looks good on a college resume is no surprise. Many schools like to see that a person is motivated, and has a tendency to help others. This lets them know that the individual is goal-oriented, and will put forth effort to get the job done, whatever that job may be. It should also be noted, that most employers will look at volunteering in a positive light, as well. This may be because they see volunteering as an indicator of good people skills, or that some of the experience from volunteering will relate to the job duties being performed.

If a person is looking to earn some skills in the workforce through volunteering, then considering organisations such as the Red Cross or the ACF would be a good idea. They have multiple jobs that need to be done, and they are always ready to welcome a new face to the cause. Most volunteer work for the Red Cross or Army Cadet Force can be done locally, so that one never has to stray too far from home – for example if you live in Devonshire then you can volunteer at the Devon ACF, instead of being posted far way from home. Although, there is always a calling for people in less-developed areas of the world, and this may provide a great way to experience a wide range of cultures.

The ACF, Red Cross and other organisations offers multiple ways for people to get involved with volunteering. One includes medical training, and being able to help injured individuals. This type of work would be perfect for an aspiring nurse or doctor. They would be able to get valuable hands on experience, and see what it is like to actually help people in need of medical attention. 

Another of the great volunteering opportunities offered by the Red Cross are the teaching positions. Individuals work alongside actual instructors, and learn what it is like to pass along helpful skills. They get to inspire others to go out and make a difference, just as they have. This type of experience would be golden to a business hopeful. They could say with confidence that they are capable of  andling the management of a team, and keeping it going in the right direction.

Any volunteering opportunities, such as one for the Red Cross, would be a rewarding experience. Being able to help people in many different ways is a great way to show your compassion for others. The workforce is always more open to hiring people who show great people skills, and motivational work ethic. On top of that, many skills can be learned from volunteering for various jobs, and those skills will also make a person more desirable to hire.  

With Gratitude: Teaching Children To Be Thankful for Gifts They Received Last Christmas

thankfulChristmas is a season for children. The little ones spend the entire year looking forward to this season when they receive loads of gifts. Our children are lucky enough that their parents and friends can afford to give them the gifts that they want. They are oblivious to the suffering and death of resources that other children in other parts of the world are experiencing. As parents, we have to make sure that our children are truly thankful for the gifts that they receive and the life that they live. Aside from some social consciousness, showing our kids how to be grateful will teach them to put more value in what they have. They should be made to understand the value of hard work and diligence in being able to enjoy these material things.

The first thing that you have to do to teach your children to be thankful is to lead by example. They should see you with the same behaviour and attitude. For every little thing that you receive, express sincere gratitude. You might think nothing of it, but your reaction when your children give you hand-made gifts or simple greeting cards have an effect on how grateful they will become. Be appreciative of their little gestures of love and giving.

Expressing gratitude through generosity is another way through which your children can learn to be thankful. Teach them the attitude of “giving back.” Participating in charity events is one way to demonstrate this attitude. You can also organize your own charitable project by rounding up your family members and friends to either raise funds or goods to give to the less fortunate. Volunteering at the soup kitchen is another example of a charitable deed that could be an eye-opener for kids to realize how lucky they are with the things that they have. It’s not only about the Christmas gifts that they received, it’s about being thankful for living the kind of life that they have.