Vacation Essentials: Safety Awareness For Children

Summer’s just a few months away and I’m certain that most of you are looking forward to travelling together as a family and discovering as many new places as you can during the vacation. Those travelling with children, however, must prepare much more than their travel gear and essentials. Keep your children safe by teaching them to be more vigilant of their surroundings and training them how to react in emergency situations.

vacation essentials

Among those that your children must know before you embark on your vacation are the following:

1. Don’t lose Mom or Dad. What we often tell children when we are in crowded places is to stay within our sight. The problem with this is children often assume that your eyes are ALWAYS on them and so they tend to wander off. What you can tell them instead is to always keep YOU within their sight and they should never go where they can’t see you anymore. Of course, you really do always have to keep them within sight.

2. Ask help from proper authorities only. Before venturing out, make sure that your children know how to recognize people in authority. Orient them on how official police and security guard uniforms look like so they will know who to approach in case they get lost. In case of emergencies, instruct them to look for the personnel wearing the bright-colored safety vest who usually directs the crowd to safety.

3. Know your phone number by heart. It is essential for children to memorize your phone number once they are of school age, most especially when you are travelling far from home. It would also be wise to always keep an identity card on your children when you are away from home. This card should contain the child’s name, your name, and your contact number. It is not advisable to place your home address on this card though as unscrupulous individuals may use this information to your disadvantage.

Vacation should be enjoyed and cherished but it always does pay to be safe and to be prepared for whatever circumstances that may happen. Knowing that your children can respond properly to any event, you will be able to worry less and have more fun.

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Indoor and Outdoor Activities Perfect for Kids

I was busy making RJ’s reviewers last week. It is her finals today until Wednesday. I am glad that her teachers gave the pointers to review earlier. RJ’s vacation will start on Thursday and will last for 2 months. Knowing her, active as she is, she will surely get bored inside our house. She has no siblings and has no one to play with except for our neighbors’ kids. But then, I cannot let her play outside all throughout the day so I made a list of the indoor and outdoor activities that can be a perfect family bonding this summer…


Bake and cook. RJ can have fun decorating and doing the taste test. She loves desserts so we will make grayham cakes, ice candy, mais con yelo and halo-halo together.
Scrapbooking. I will let her do her own scrapbook.
Draw and color. We will draw together as we both love to draw, sketch and color.
Board games. The three of us will play scrabble, snakes and ladders and I am planning to buy word factory.
Sungka. Playing sungka can be a good mother and child’s bonding too.
Make audio and video recordings. RJ loves taking pictures too. Maybe I can let her take pictures and make her own video.
Watch movies. I am starting to download movies for kids. We will watch together whie eating popcorn and our favorite snacks.
Videoke and dance. We all love to sing and dance. 

We can also do some outdoor fun like…
Swimming. We have mini pool and weekends are the perfect time for swimming as hubby can swim with us.
Stroll. Take trips to parks and playgrounds in the morning and have a picnic there.
Badminton. RJ and I both don’t know how to play badminton so hubby can teach us this summer and learn together.
Visit grandparents. We seldom visit her grandparents during school days. Maybe we can visit them every other week this vacation.
Arcade games. Playing in the mall’s arcade once in a while can be fun too.
• Or we can visit museums, galleries, ocean parks and zoos.

Stay at home Moms like me have pockets of time to fill but we always find time for our family.