The Importance of Teaching Children Tolerance

The world can be a scary place and currently with Trump’s political campaign and ‘Brexit’, the world is looking a little scarier. To stop this tide of intolerance and racism from spreading across the world any further, we need to turn to the new generation. Our children are the future and so it’s more important than ever to teach them complete tolerance so they can learn to live in a world without fear, prejudice, or persecution. It doesn’t matter what color a person is, what religion they follow, or who they choose to spend their time – it’s time we adults take responsibility for this world and strive to make tomorrow better.

teaching children tolerance

They’re American

America, like Australia, was built by immigrants and as such there is no such thing as ‘American’ (Native Americans aside). All Americans can trace their ancestry back to Europe, Asia, South America, or Africa. We are a nation of cultures and creeds, founded on the principles that any one person can do and be anything they please. I think these principles are the very thing that makes America such an incredible country and yes we may have our issues, but prejudice and persecution, shouldn’t be one of them.

Their Future

If you don’t share my opinion that children should be taught tolerance because it’s the obvious and right thing to do, then think about this: each country in this world is becoming more and more multicultural as the years go on, especially America, and if you haven’t taught your child the importance of tolerance and respect they aren’t going to be able to make it very far in this world. What if their future boss emigrated here from Kenya or Pakistan? They will never achieve their true potential because of misguided belief that they are better or more important than their neighbor.


There are two perfectly simple ways to make your child tolerant of everyone. First: Lead by example and never make derogatory remarks or share a negative opinion on anyone because who they are. It’s vitally important never to generalize people and this is obvious at the moment with the rise of Islamic terrorism. Just because a small group of Muslims choose to commit atrocities, it doesn’t mean that every Muslim on the planet will do the same. Second: Educate your child on the various religions and cultures of the world. Make sure they know where the other cultures are coming from and how they think. By understanding other people, we will never come into conflict with them over small matters.

Just remember, no child is born racist or intolerant. This behavior is learned from TV, parents, and their extended family and this is why the future rests on our ability to make them a more tolerant generation. If you ever see injustice in the world, point it out to your child, be active in making them a better person and stay vigilant. There is a lot of pain and hurt in the world, let’s not make it worse by propagating a culture of hate.

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