Encouraging Your Children to Be Builders

You have probably seen people, adults, who have always depended on other people to do something? Most of these people are good in expecting other people to do the dirty work even to the point of paying them. These people may be the boss but when trials and hardships come and there is no one to help, they will be the most pitiable ones because they cannot do anything on their own. Depending on the situation, sometimes the only way they will learn is the hard way. Do you like your children to grow up that way?

Whether you have a boy or a girl,
toys can be built and created.

To combat that dilemma, it all starts when the child is very young: toddler age. When children are expected to play, many among parents would like to pamper their children with all the toys they can buy. It only takes a few years when the child gets used to the idea that all toys are bought brand new, shiny and colorful and come in wonderful packaging. The most common reasoning behind is giving their children what they themselves have not had when they were children. Or, since money is abundant, better buy the best toys money can buy. Most end up helpless and spoiled.

Instead, what you can do is encourage them to be builders by building their own toys. It starts with the parents, of course. Whether you have a boy or a girl, toys can be built and created. It helps the child develop his or her imagination. The toys may not look as good as the factory-made, store-bought ones but these toys that you help your child build or even create are special and a foundation for his or her mindset as he/she grows older. Being used to building or creating something will encourage invention and the habit of resourcefulness.

As long as your child is still under your care, you can start making the right move towards creation and innovation. The younger the child is, the better the reception. Give praises and/or rewards to accomplishments. If you need help on what projects to start, the internet is there to help you unfailingly.

Image Credit:
Nutdanai – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net