Our Talents and Abilities

Talent – a superior, apparently natural ability in the arts or sciences or in the learning or doing of anything. Do hubby and I have talents and abilities?Let me think of hubby’s talents first…hmmm…hmmm…I can’t think of anything. Lol! Well, Rhonnel is not an artistic person. He does not posses any natural ability when it comes to arts and crafts but he is very smart and very good in writing. I am encouraging him to blog but he does not like to because he said he is not patient enough to do what I am doing, blog hopping, researching, etc. Actually he is not patient enough to “butingting” or fix things. So whenever there is something to be fixed in the house, it is better to hire someone who is expert. He is very good in fixing computers though. He is my computer technician and we can save on that aspect. He is a good singer too. He may be not the best but he has this voice that captured my heart.How about me? I am hubby’s total opposite because I am good in arts and crafts. I love to sketch and paint. I am also good in scrapbooking, combining colors and designing and always open and eager to learn new things. As of now, I am making/designing a coffee table book of our wedding and trying to make my own blog layout. I want to do so many things. My only problem is I don’t have much time to do all of them.

I can sew a simple curtain, pillow case or even bed sheet. I can also hold a saw and hammer and make a small shelf or table and chair.  And one more thing, I am good in analysis. I can read a diagram and easily figure out how things are being assembled. So even Rhonnel is not patient to fix things, it is okay for us to buy those furniture to be assembled because I am the one doing that.Sorry, guys if this sounds bragging again. Actually it is only now that I realized I can do so many things.