5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for the Summer

summer homePhoto by Mark McCammon from Pexels

Feeling the heat? Summer is just around the corner. While you certainly have a lot of plans to go on trips to different places with your family, we hope you have made necessary plans for your home as well. Nothing is hotter than the stress you get from malfunctioning equipment or repairs needed for any parts of your home which could have made your summer lighter and comfortable. Well if you haven’t made arrangements yet, then you certainly need to read these five tips we have especially made for you.

Watch out on the fire

Summer is notorious to make things hot even hotter. With the rising atmospheric temperature, any overheat equipment or plugged appliances and devices can ignite fire anytime. Make sure that your sockets are updated and that your circuit breaker is working to avoid housefire causing you too much grief and financial stress over the summers.

If you are leaving the house, make sure that everything is unplugged. If there are appliances or devices that cannot be powered off, make sure that necessary arrangements are made. Consult the Bureau of Fire and Protection for any tips that might work.

Do spot checking

One major cause of fire is outdated appliances. As much as we want to save in our spending, our family’s safety is way more important. It is a good practice to inspect the condition of your appliances. They have their own wear and tear. It would be a good thing to have their manufacturing information. If it is not available just based your projection on the date you bought it. After which consider disposing appliances which are past their expected using capacity. Anything beyond that is already harmful. It has a higher tendency of not just malfunctioning but encountering short circuits which you wouldn’t want. One last thing, you can opt to sell these equipment and appliances to junk shops so also earn from it.

It is time for maintenance

You wouldn’t wish to encounter AC problems in the middle of the Summer, right? Go and have these checked already. If they are working then look at the filter and other parts which you can clean so once Summer really kicks in, your AC is up and ready to keep everything cool down. You might also want to check on your fans as they can serve as your go-to in case of emergency. Also, though it is a bit advanced, you might have your roof and other parts of the house checked. Summer is usually followed by storms. They aren’t just normal storms in fact! Getting things prepared at an early date will reduce your stress level in the future.

Stockpile on your essentials

Summer is accompanied by many sale bazaars. Each mall has its own summer special for different needs and appliances. You don’t have to binge buy but you might want to consider piling up your drawers with all the essentials you would need. It will serve you well in a lot of ways. One would be unplanned summer trips with the family or friend and two it will be your stock for the rainy season. Nothing beats a prepared one. Aside from you are always on the go, you are actually saving a lot by grabbing on those promos. So be mindful of those promos!

Change those sheets!

Adapt an outdoor feel to your home. Summer is a time for going to places, mimicking that feel to your home creates a feeling of comfortability and lightness. Making your home more inviting and pleasant. Also, the atmospheric condition is extremely hot. Especially here in the Philippines where we usually experience El Nino. You wouldn’t have dark hues as the shade of your throw pillow or curtain. It will only amplify the heat and make your home feel tight. So, stick with lighter tones or even use the colors of Summer.

Summer is all about having fun. Creating a home that exudes that vibes will not only improve the relationship of your family but everyone’s daily mood as well under the scorching summer heat.

Take Advantage of the Summer Break with Pure ‘n Fresh

Summer is one of the most awaited season of the year by my daughter, or should I say by my whole family.  It’s not just because of the endless sunshine but also because it is vacation! We don’t have to wake up early in the morning, no stress on assignments and projects and most of all more bonding time for us. Here are our favorite summer activities:

Making popsicles or ice candies – instead of buying the sugar-filled pops, we love to make our own fruit popsicles at home. It’s a great activity and healthy treat for the kids on summer.

Jogging  – burn those fats while maintaining the stamina and keeping the body healthy. We do this every Sunday morning.

Badminton – it is an enjoyable game that gives many health benefits and almost zero injuries.  It can be played both outdoor and indoor.


Frisbee – it is a fun game that was recently introduced by my husband to the family. The role of the game is to catch the Frisbee thrown by one player. (sorry, I can’t see our picture playing frisbee)

Camping – my family loves to go camping, though we only do this on summer. It is an affordable yet fun way to escape the routines of city life.


Swimming – this is my daughter’s most favorite summer activity. She can swim all night and day.


Not to mention volleyball, playing guitar and singing as my daughter’s everyday activities. Yes, that’s how active she is. I am glad that despite of her active lifestyle and summer heat she keeps her body clean and good smelling with the help of Pure ‘n Fresh. She never leaves home without her kikay kit and Pure ‘n Fresh. Pure ‘n Fresh is a product of Unilab. It is specially made for kids. It has milk protein making it gentle for sensitive skin.

Pure 'n Fresh
If you like to take advantage of the summer break as much as we do and keep your children away from the computer, try the abovementioned activities with your kids. Of course don’t forget Pure ‘n Fresh to beat the summer heat.

For updates you may check Pure ‘n Fresh Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/purenfreshforteens.

3 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

The summer heat has struck, as November melts into December and the pavement sticks to your shoes, ever miserable beneath the sun’s belting rays. Staying cool becomes a game of cat and mouse, as you dart from building to building, desperate to find a slip of shade to walk beneath, though there only so many alcoves in the city. Sunscreen becomes a second skin, clinging to your pores in its slimy, slippery glory before sinking in and masking your epidermal layers from a bout of sunshine assaults. So how does one keep their body temperature down somewhere near livable, when every day packs a repetitive sweaty punch, followed by a restless swell of storms? Humans are pretty smart, but staying comfortable in scorching weather is child’s play to an Australian; take these three tips on-board and stay icy cold this season, even if you never leave the house.


The Beach/The River/The Pool

Locality is everything when it comes to choosing a body of water to keep the rays at bay; those lapping up a coastal life are spoiled for choice with some of the world’s best beaches, beautiful long stretches of white sand and blue water, children shrieking at the shoreline; rivers and inland channels are the next best thing, freshwater watering holes are hidden gems, providing a clear and clean water experience, with none of the salty remnants; and pools are absolutely everywhere, as most suburbs boast some sort of swimming team. Whether you plan to swim laps, laze in the sun, bake on the beach or play in a few over-sized puddles, being a water baby is a sure way to keep the sweaty days away.

Air Conditioner Ground Zero, Population: You

Ah, air-con, the wonderful man-made air synthesiser, cooling or heating our unnatural environments with ease and efficiency. If you’re not lucky enough to live in a house kitted out for an LG Air Conditioner, don’t worry, the multitude of shopping centres, cinemas and arcades provider a climate controlled environment at the touch of a button and a couple of steps in the front door. For those who enjoy the sleek few days spread eagled in front of their own unit, congratulations, everybody is jealous of you standing as an aircon owner. This means you don’t need to travel out of your way to escape the heat, hell, you’re probably less inclined to cross the threshold to the outside world right now, ordering your groceries delivered and entertainment through NetFlix.

Wearing as Little as Possible

If you’re lacking an aircon unit and rely on a pedestal fan, it is still possible to retain the cool edge of the wedge, by stripping down to your bathers and shorts, throwing a cotton rug over the couch and sucking on ice-cubes to regulate your heat responses. Probably not the most tempting plan in the world, but it worked for your parents before the advent of the multi-cycle conditioner, so there has to be some wisdom to it. We don’t recommend however, leaving the house without a shirt on, you never know who may be watching and back sunburn is fun for absolutely no one!

How do you plan to keep cool this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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Winnond – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net

Weird Summer

It’s raining cats and dogs when we got up this morning. As per weather forecast there will be scattered rain showers and thurderstorms til Thursday. So unusual because summer here in the Philippines starts in late February or early March but it looks like we are going to experience a rainy summer this year which means more flooding in most parts of Metro Manila. Hmmm…should I buy breeches or knee-length pants now in preparation for the flood?

According to Scientists, these climate change and extreme weather conditions are all due to global warming and if we don’t do our part these extremes could eventually grow to severe thus more floods, more heat waves and more droughts will be experienced.

A rainy summer? It would be the weirdest summer we would have here if ever. Kids can’t play outside while they are on vacation and they can’t enjoy the beaches. Weird!

Every Summer is Unforgettable

For my daughter who loves water very much, every summer is unforgettable because this is the time for endless swimming. Would you believe as early as today she has plans for the next year’s summer, where to go and what resort? Yes because she saw that resort on the web, she told me we’ll go there next summer and we’ll stay there overnight.

RJ is like a mermaid. She loves water that she doesn’t want to get out of the pool once she’s on it. Much more now that she can swim without the help of her floaters. But still, I don’t allow her to swim without those for safety reasons.

Summer is also the time for her to bond longer with her favorite playmates no other than her cousins.

Care to share with us your unforgettable summer?