Staycation Tips for Busy Moms

Whether you work in a corporate office or consider yourself a work at home mom – you have been busy all week through and you deserve a break. Everybody needs even a day to recollect, to recharge their batteries and simply distress. But this break doesn’t come easy and there is always something or someone that needs mom. Here are some tips to help you and other busy moms enjoy a mini staycation without spending a lot.

A rest day will also be a lot of fun and memorable
if shared with good friends.

Ask a Friend Out

Call a friend and schedule a coffee or pampering date on a specific date. Asking others out will push you to make your calendar and work your way around to ensure that your date pushes through. A rest day will also be a lot of fun and memorable if shared with a good friend.

Make Your Vibe Last Longer

When scheduling a day out, choose a day when you won’t be busy in the evening to ensure that your vibe lasts until you hit the pillow at night. Even if you take a day off during school hours, you have to ensure that don’t have hoards of activities that will stress you out soon as you get home. Be sure to that you’ll have a manageable night on your day off or ask your partner to take over your home and kids for a couple of hours on that day.

Engage your Senses

Choose an activity where you can make the most of the moment and engage all your senses. Experience things that you will delight in seeing, tasting, touching, smelling and hearing things. It could be a great meal in a fancy restaurant with a live acoustic band, or a concert.

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Artur84 – FreeDigitalPhotos.Net