5 Benefits of Signing Your Child Up for Junior Sport

When playing sports, a child will enjoy a host of benefits. Not only that, the parents will also get a lot out of the experience. With that being said, it is wise to choose the best sport for a child (read: one they will stick with), before running into a sports outlet like www.micksimmons.com.au . Here are five benefits of signing your child up for junior sport.

taekwondo sports
A young child who plays sports in his or her hometown
can meet plenty of like-minded kids.

Stay in Shape

While most kids are in okay shape, sports will help them lose weight or keep the weight off. This is important as a child ages since obesity is becoming a worldwide epidemic causing health problems to people in its path. Luckily, with practice sessions and games on the weekend, a kid can feel great and avoid packing on the weight. Without a doubt, as one ages, this will offer a host of health benefits.


All-too-often, a child will sit around the house and play video games or sit on the computer. This is not good for the child or parent. To avoid issues with a bored child, a parent should encourage the child to play sports in an organised fashion. Simply put, with weekend games and weekday practice sessions, a child will never sit around the house and complain that he or she has nothing to do all the time.


As a child gets older, he or she should develop a solid group of friends which he can hang out with. This is harder once a person reaches adulthood. For this reason, a young child who plays sports in his or her hometown can meet plenty of like-minded kids. Not only that, parents can befriend other parents and have fun during the game. In fact, forging friendships is one of the most important reasons why young kids should play sports.

Learn to Work Together

A child should learn how to work with his or her peers while in school. Sadly, this is hard to do at first, and many kids struggle to cope. With a team sport, a kid can learn how to get along with people from all walks of life. Later on in life, this will help a person succeed in school and the business world as they will have more people skills.

Stay out of Trouble

Kids often get into trouble when they do not have parents around all the time. Since most mothers and fathers are busy at work, it is wise to give the children a fun and wholesome activity to enjoy. With sports, the children will certainly stay out of trouble and, later in life, are likely to avoid the pressures of drugs and alcohol. This will even help in adulthood as a kid will likely remember how good it feels to play a competitive sport.

A parent should encourage his or her children to play sports. While doing so, a kid will get in great shape, make friends, stay out of trouble and learn valuable skills that will help later in life.

Our Kids and Sports

Hubby and RJ are playing badminton every morning on weekends. RJ got her love for sports from her dad who is a basketball and volleyball player.

playing badminton

I may not be playing badminton with RJ that often but I am giving her my full support. I bought her good rackets and shuttlecocks. I am also planning to buy her aircast ankle brace and wrist brace with mild level of support yet great at preventing injuries. I am not over reacting or being over protective. I know that badminton is not a contact sport. I just believe that contact sport or not, it is important for our children to be properly geared because we never know when injuries will occur. With proper gears, injuries will be prevented as they jump, roll, slip or fall.


I am happy that RJ love sports. In today’s world where kids are spending more time in front of television and computer, engaging into sports is one of the best things that can happen to our kids. It will not only help them understand the importance of being healthy and fit but it will also help them to be disciplined, gain self-confidence and learn to set and achieve goals.