Sleeping Habits

We are very lucky that RJ didn’t give us any trouble when it comes to sleeping since she was a baby. She started to have normal sleeping pattern when she was 1 month old. We were just playing her CD of lullaby that lulled her to sleep. She is a self-soother since toddler, meaning she falls asleep on her own as long as she has her snoopy to cover her face.

Hmmm…seems she got this bedtime habit from hubby. Rhonnel cannot sleep without a pillow on his face and this heart-shaped one is his favorite.

Sleeping habits are bedtime routines to condition ones self to sleep. This is common in children. Most kids need to be soothed or cuddled before they can go to sleep. This can help mommies in the long run as it will teach the child to be self-soother. However, some bedtime habits become lifetime habits like scratching the back, running the fingers on the hair, rubbing the earlobe, rubbing the feet on something rough, etc., so these soothers must be avoided.

It is important for the children to be self-soother because they will be able to go back to sleep on their own when they wake up in the middle of the night and mommies can have enough sleep too. When a mother is deprived from sleep, there can be mood disturbance, daytime fatigue and decreased level of effective parenting. Lacks of sleep is also a risk factor for child abuse and have secondary effects on parents and family. (source)

It can also help if you avoid letting your children sleep extremely late at night. Instead, encourage reading, chatting about the day or other soothing activities 30 minutes before bedtime. To establish a bedtime routine, just be sure to do the same things in the same order every night and be consistent.