The Importance of School Furniture

For most parents, wanting their child to receive the best education possible is normal, something to be expected. When choosing which school to send them to, we usually take into account a number of important factors, such as the local reputation of the school and its academic performance in the last few years.

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For convenience, we might also look at how close each of the schools are to home, and for economic reasons we may debate the cost – is it a private school or a state school? If there were two that seemed equal after all this, our method of choosing would probably boil down to something almost superficial, like how much we liked the head teacher or the school’s outward appearance.

Teaching Methods

Teaching methods are consistently changing to keep up with the times and the most modern theories and practises of education. The current vogue is a move toward a type of teaching that involves a number of styles, from the standard individual and group work to more specialised things such as working in a lab environment and using computer stations.

To keep up with this movement, the classroom furniture must be adaptable, able to function in all of these different situations. In order
for the teaching methods to work, the furniture used must be capable of working with them.


Recent research has shown that students need a certain degree of movement to stop them losing concentration. The old theories were wrong – being forced to sit perfectly still actually leads to a loss of concentration, due to fidgeting; we actually have a natural tendency to move about and vary our postures.

To enable longer periods of concentration from pupils, furniture should be ergonomically sound and allow a certain freedom of flexibility; chairs that either rock or swivel are a perfect solution for this.


If the chairs are the wrong size, if they don’t provide enough lumbar support, or if the desks are too low, the children can experience discomfort. There are a whole host of other causes that will make things uncomfortable for your children, even just the furniture being ill-matched.

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The comfort factor spins out into affecting health. If you don’t want your children to suffer from sore backs (or possibly even end up with permanent spinal damage – scary but true) then you’ll want to make sure the school you send them to has suitable furniture!


All of the above points combine to influence this final one. If the school furniture is comfortable, ergonomic and adaptable, it can have a very positive effect on your child’s academic performance.

Every parent wants the best for their child, and you can make it slightly easier for them to achieve success in school by ensuring that it
has the best possible furniture.

This is a blog post for Innova Solutions the interior furniture company for schools and universities.


Ways to Get More Involved in your Child’s School

child's schoolNo matter how much spare time you have in your busy schedule, there are ways to get more involved with your child’s education. Getting to know your child’s teachers and school administrators can be beneficial on numerous levels. When your children see you at their school, it helps emphasize how important learning is to you and will make them more enthusiastic as a result.

In fact, multiple studies show that children whose parents participate in school events have better grades and test scores, with a more positive attitude towards school. It also helps keep you up to date on the latest school policies and special events. The following are a few basic ways to get involved.

Attend Open Houses

Most schools set up open houses or parent-teacher conference days which give you a chance to sit down and chat with your child’s educators and administrators. Although conferences may be held in the daytime when you could be at work, many open houses are designed to accommodate parents’ busy schedules. Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t make all of these, but try to introduce yourself and get on an email list to learn more about school events.

Help Plan Events

Find out who the school activity coordinator is, or talk to your child’s teacher about your desire to help plan events throughout the school year. These could range from school dances to bake sales.

Volunteer in the Classroom

You may not have the time to fully organize an event or take on continual responsibilities, but you can help decorate the classroom for the holidays, set up the classroom with kids labels on desks, or act as a chaperone on a class field trip. It’s best to ask your child’s teacher directly how you can help. Volunteers may be needed to help out with community projects or with the upkeep of the school grounds as well, which you can ask about in the school’s main office.

Share your Skills

Most classrooms welcome guest speakers. If you have a particular skill, hobby, or interesting job, you could come in to give the children a lecture or demonstration. Playing songs, leading craft projects, or helping teach technological skills are all useful ways to share your expertise with your child’s classroom.

Get to Know the Other Parents

While school is a great place for your child to branch out and meet new friends, it also presents an opportunity for parents. Joining the PTA or setting up a parents’ bulletin board is a good way to get to know some other parents in your community.

There are many ways to help out at your child’s school, which can be rewarding for the whole family. Whether you have the time to plan events year-round or only a spare hour to make school name tags, your efforts will not go unnoticed and will help your child feel more supported.

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Our Brave Preschooler

RJ was so young when she entered preschool. She was only three years old then. We were hesitant to enroll her at a very young age but she was bugging us everyday that she wanted to go to school. Then the first day of classes came. I was really worried because it was her first time out of the house alone. I had mixed emotions over whether she is ready for school. How is she going to pee alone? Can she eat without my assistance? What if someone bullies her? I was one nervous Mom, worrying too much.

When the time of saying goodbye came, RJ did not shed a tear and had no any first-day blues which are the normal scenarios at preschools everywhere. Our baby was very brave. It was her first step on her journey that will last for almost one and a half decades and we were very proud of her.

Making Mom’s Life Easier

My daughter will be back to school in less than 2 months. Not only her vacation will be over soon but mine too. During school days, Mom’s are much busier than the kids, preparing their food, their uniform and the things they need in school. And because one of your major goals is to improve your kids’ performance and grades in school, you must attend and support them in all their school activities, help them with the assignments and projects and make those reviewers for the quizzes, pre-quarter and quarter exams.

Thanks to the web, Mom’s life are now much easier with the help of online education and knowledge sharing tools like flash cards, brain games and exam builder. The exam builder could help not only Mommies but as well as professors and educational institutions. You can also create quizzes with the help of comprehensive free online quiz maker that offers many unique features such as styles and formatting options.

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