Simple Ways to Save Money on Groceries

Everyone wants to save money. This is a fact that no one would contest. We meticulously track all our expenses just to find ways to reduce costs and to increase our savings. However, we seldom pay attention on how we spend our grocery budget thinking that it is a necessary expense. While this is true, there are still many ways to trim down our grocery expense. Aside from making sure that your tummy is full before heading to the store, here are simple ways to save money on groceries.

save money on groceries

Prepare a Menu

Depending on how often you do your grocery shopping, prepare a menu for all the meals your family takes and list down all the ingredients you would need. This guides you to buy only what is needed and helps you avoid having to run back to the store midweek.

Patronize In-House Products

While name brands are preferred for most food products, generic store-brands can be good purchases as well. Some food staples such as sugar, salt, pepper, cooking oil generally taste the same whether they’re generic or branded. In these cases, opt for the store-brand which is more affordable.

Use Coupons

Coupons offer only small savings but these add up when used. A dollar saved is still a dollar after all. Do avoid impulse purchases though. Do not buy something you don’t need just because there’s a coupon for it.

Use Discount Cards

Most stores now offer discount cards or reward cards to loyal customers. Every purchase you make earns you an equivalent number of points which can be used to redeem prizes or which can be converted into cash coupons. Used on top of ongoing sales, these discount cards allow you to increase your savings.

Stock Up During Sales

Buy non-perishable household products in bulk during store sales to take advantage of the huge discounts. Cleaning products, paper towels and toilet paper, toiletries, and other such products you regularly use can be kept in storage for a year or so. Stock up on these on the store’s biggest sale during the year.

Bring a Calculator

One of the best ways to save money on groceries is by comparing which brand offers the best value for a certain product. It can be difficult though to compare costs when volumes vary that we tend to just grab the one with the lower price tag which may actually be costing us more. Having a calculator makes it easy for you to compare dollar-per-volume values and to choose the brand with better value.

Pay In Cash

While a credit card offers convenience, using one often leads you to spend beyond your actual budget. It is better to avail of EastWest personal loan than to incur huge credit card debts. When you go grocery shopping, bring just the exact budget for that trip and stick to it.

There are really so many ways to save money on groceries. Just by following those mentioned above could cut your expenses by 25%. It may be fairly easy to get on cash loan Philippines, but financial planning may mean that you won’t ever need to have to take one out. This could be a big help though on immediate expenses without breaking the bank.

It may seem simple, but planning your grocery shopping is already once step towards financial stability.

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Tips for Saving Money on Home Cleaning Costs

Staying on top of the housework can be a surprisingly costly enterprise, especially when you consider all of the products and appliances that are necessary to achieve a professional quality clean. Fortunately, there are a range of ways that you can significantly cut these costs, and keep your home looking clean and tidy for less. Here are some top tips for saving money on home cleaning costs.

By spending some money on professional house cleaner, you will be able to keep your house looking professionally clean with a lot less effort and cost in the long term.
By spending some money on professional house cleaner,
you will be able to keep your house looking professionally
clean with a lot less effort and cost in the long term.

Consider Professional Help

It can be a worthwhile investment to pay for a professional house clean before you get started. This makes it easier for you to maintain a high standard of home presentation right away. It may seem expensive, but a quality cleaner will get into all of the tough and tricky spots that you might not normally be able to clean. In addition, their commercial grade tools and products often allow them to clean far more efficiently than your average supermarket products ever will. By spending some money on an initial clean, you will be able to keep your house looking professionally clean with a lot less effort and cost in the long term.

Buy in Bulk

When it comes to cloths, cleaning products and other disposable items, buying in bulk is best. You can save up to half price on these purchases by choosing to buy in bulk. Seeing as you will be using these items constantly throughout your cleaning, you won’t have to worry about having too much stock on hand. Buying online is a great way to ensure that you get unbeatable prices on bulk cleaning items. Try it for yourself, and see just how much you can save simply by buying in bulk!

Know When to Spend

There are some items that you should consider spending a bit more money on to help you keeping your home looking as clean as possible. Important investments include a quality vacuum cleaner, good dishwasher and an efficient washing machine. By saving up and buying good quality brands, not only do you make your life easier but you will save money in the long run. Cheaper brands tend to fail and break, forcing you to either make costly repairs or even replace the entire unit. Respected brands will give you extensive warranties on their products, making it a sound financial investment. Make sure you keep an eye on the sales to pick up a great quality cleaning appliance for a fraction of the price.

Need Extra Financial Advice?

When you find yourself having trouble making ends meet, it’s a good idea to talk to a professional financial advisor. Australian Debt Reduction are experts in quality debt solutions, and can help you to maximise your money and get more out of your budget. Whether you just want some general advice or need assistance with debt consolidation, they have a service to suit your individual needs. Check out for more information on how you can take control of your finances once and for all.

With these top home cleaning tips, you’re bound to enjoy a beautifully presented home without breaking your budget. Choosing when to spend and when to save is important, so make sure you’re making your big purchases count by choosing quality that will last you for years. When it comes to more disposable items, remember that buying in bulk can save you hundreds. Start today and see just how great your savings can be with these savvy home cleaning tips.

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3 Ways to Save Money on your Online Business

If you’ve been thinking about starting up a home business but are afraid that you don’t have enough start-up cash, you’re not alone. Fear of sinking money into a new business is one of the number one reasons why more people don’t go through with their ideas. The amount of money that you’ll need to spend will vary depending on the type of business you’re interested in. Factors that could influence the cost could include the type of products you sell, the type of shipping that you use, and the type of marketing campaign you follow. However, there are definitely ways to save money on all of these facets. If you’re just starting up a business from home, you can shave costs and hold on to more of your profits.

online business tips

Invest in the Right Areas

You may have a great idea for a money-making website. The costs of designing this website and getting it up and running can really add up, if you use separate services or pay professionals to take care of all aspects of your web design. Instead of paying a separate web hosting service, graphic designer, and SEO executive, you could combine all of these services in one by paying for a simple shopping cart software program. These provide professional templates that allow you to give your website a slick, eye-catching look without paying a web designer to do it for you. By simply using an all-in-one ecommerce platform, you can save thousands right off the bat.

Choose Popular Payment Options

You’ll need to make sure that your customers can pay you through a simple and secure process on your website. Some business owners will sign up with third party payment gateways, which take the customer to a separate site to make their final purchase. Paypal works this way. Another option is to use free point of sale software, which integrates with your website and helps enable secure payments on the same screen. This can help boost profits because you’ll be less likely to lose customers in a multi-step payment process.

Consider Drop Shipping

Shipping costs are another major expense for small online businesses. You have several options to choose from when it comes to shipping. You can use a specialist who works specifically with small businesses to send your own products out to customers. Another option is to work with a drop shipping company. They hold on to your inventory, so that you don’t have to worry about the initial cost of purchasing and housing all of your products. Drop shipping also saves you money because they can provide bulk rates. In terms of convenience, using a drop shipper means you don’t have to ship anything yourself. They will take care of it for you; saving you time, space, and money.

With website templates, the best payment gateways, and drop shipping, you can run a new business at very little cost. You can further promote your business by marketing it for free using social media and a business blog, without spending a cent on advertising. This means you have to spend less out of your own pocket before you start seeing real returns.

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Teaching Kids the Value of Saving Money

saving moneyParents are the very first role models of their kids. They pick up what their parents do and say to them. That is why, parents should make sure to set good examples and provide good parenting for their kids.

It is part of a good parenting to teach their children on how to deal with money properly. At an early age, kids should appreciate the value of saving money for the future since it is not very easy to earn it.

Here are some of effective tips on how to teach kids about proper money management.

The first on the list is to make a budget and stick to it. Make sure that kids are always involved in making the budget plan. And if you have to cut back on some things, let them know that it doesn’t fit in your budget plan. You should also practice good spending habits by comparing prices before purchasing. Bring your kids with you while doing the grocery. Ask them to help make the decisions on what to purchase and let them understand your spending practices.

Aside from teaching them to the proper spending and saving money, parents should also teach them to share. For example, sharing goods to the victims of fires or calamities. This would help appreciate what they have and should not be wasted as well as they should learn to share their blessing to those who are in need.

Moreover, the most important lesson that a parent could teach their kids on money management is to practice what they preach to them. Kids should always see that their parents are also living what they preach. If all the members in the family are practicing it, most likely the kids will be growing up knowing how to handle and manage money properly.

Money-Saving Tips for Mums

Being a mum can often feel like a juggling act – balancing the books, coordinating after school clubs and play-dates, coming up with healthy meal ideas the kids will eat and keeping house, often on top of working at least part-time and organizing appropriate childcare.

All these things can seem overwhelming at times. Following these handy hints on how to save money can take at least one of the worries away, leaving you with more free time to spend appreciating your children.

Money-Saving Tips

Keeping the house clean

Save money on expensive cleaning products by utilizing natural disinfectants such as lemon juice and vinegar. Rubbing half a lemon around the kitchen sink has the same effect as spraying it with anti-bacterial cleaner and at a fraction of the cost. Diluted vinegar makes a great polish for varnished wood, brass and copper fixtures and more.

Food – eating in or dining out

Food is one of the largest expenditures in most households. Make the most of your food budget with some savvy shopping. Plan meals in advance and always make a shopping list – this prevents you from impulse buying when at the supermarket.

If you have a large freezer you could consider bulk buying. It is usually cheaper if you buy food in large quantities. Whenever you make a meal, make four times as much as usual and set three aside in Tupperware to freeze.

Stews and casseroles are perfect for this. Experiment with stores own brand produce – sometimes they are inferior to the branded goods and you may want to avoid them, but in many cases the stores own are made in the very same factory as the branded products and simply packaged differently.

Check out the discount shelves when you go shopping and sites like for money-off offers at leading supermarkets – often items which have several days left before their use by date end up on there, and if they can be frozen even better.

If you fancy a treat and want to eat out, never leave home without checking if there are any restaurant vouchers for the more popular chains.

Days out

Use the internet to check out free local attractions for places to take the kids at weekends. Cinema tickets and admission fees can add up, but there are plenty of free museums about and the park costs nothing.


If you fancy going away for the weekend, avoid expensive hotels and instead go camping. Most children far prefer being out of doors anyway and it costs very little.

Grow your own

Growing your own herbs not only saves you money but is a fun activity that the children can get involved in. Purchase a few cheap plastic pots or use old jam jars. Let the kids make labels and take photographs of their young seedlings each day as a progress record.

The first time you make a delicious meal with herbs that they have grown themselves will be a very proud moment.

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