SAHM Fashion: Comfy Is Not Frumpy

Managing the household while taking care of the kids can zap the style out of a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM). The home environment makes it easy to just settle with anything that makes you feel comfortable even if it means looking less chic. Moms may also be concerned with spoiling their clothes while doing household tasks and would rather wear old stuff from their closet instead of outfits that make them look good. These concerns are valid but it doesn’t mean that your fashion sense will also be kept in the closet. Moms who take care of the family’s needs should also learn how to care for their looks.

SAHM fashion

Sweatpants and tees are some of the most comfortable attire that can be worn while doing housework. Unfortunately, they can also be the most boring and least flattering clothes that a woman can wear. If you are the sweats and tees type, you can at least look for cuts or designs that flatter your body. Fitted tees and trouser sweat pants or yoga pants are some alternatives that you can consider. But don’t let yourself get stuck with this ensemble just because they are comfortable. There are other combinations that you can wear while doing errands in and out of the house. Capris, drawstring pants, skinny jeans, and t-shirt blouses can also give you comfort and style at the same time.

You can also bring out your casual chic fashion sense whenever your errands take you out of the house. Mix and match different tops and bottoms from your closet or go for your casual dress on trips to the grocery or in bringing the kids to school. Those who want to look good without having to splurge all the time can maintain a few basic and classic pieces in their wardrobe then just build-up their accessories with some novelties or funky finds. You can get a new look with your plain old dress by simply wearing new accessories with it.

Staying at home is not an excuse for taking your looks for granted. Your tasks may be less glamorous than corporate jobs but you don’t have to take the glam out of you. Think of it as trading in your corporate fashion with some stylish SAHM fashion. Household work calls for comfortable clothes that look good and make us feel good while at work.  For all SAHMs out there just remember that comfy doesn’t have to be frumpy.

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