Prolonging the Life and Beauty of Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs provide great aesthetic appeal to any home. However, homes with young children try to veer away from them thinking that they require special care. This is not true at all as oriental rugs can be durable and long lasting as well with just the same care that you would give any other carpet.

Oriental rugs(Image from the web)

Aside from at least an annual oriental rug cleaning nyc, here are some ways you can best take care of your precious oriental rugs:

1. Vacuum Regularly. All rugs should be vacuumed regularly to prevent surface dirt including crumbs from little kids’ snacks from accumulating and getting embedded deep into the pile. This also prevents premature wear and maintains the beauty of your rug. However, oriental rugs need gentle care during vacuuming so avoid using vacuum heads with power brushes and use a plain vacuum nozzle instead. Also, do not forget to vacuum the back side as well.

2. Keep It Dry. Foundations of oriental rugs can be weakened or even rotted when it is often get wet or kept damp. To avoid this, always sop up spills immediately and dry the rugs completely. As much as possible, do not place potted plants on an oriental rug. Water could possibly seep through the bottom and keep the rug underneath permanently damp.

3. Use Rug Pads. Polyester or synthetic foam pads prevent oriental rugs from slipping and can prolong their life by providing cushion between the sole and the floor surface. There are rubber rug pads available but are not really advisable as they can crack and crumble over the years and may even become gummy and stick to the floor. Rug pads may not be needed for thick and heavy rugs. On the other hand, rug pads are necessary for thin and soft rugs and those that are old and rewoven already.

4. Inspect regularly. Check your rugs for frayed edges, weakened foundation, curled corners or edges, and damage from insects. Contact a professional oriental rug cleaner at the first sign of wear or damage if you want to prolong the life of your rugs.