Crushing Under Pressure: 5 Possible Reasons Why Your Roof Has Failed You

Over 5 million pre-existing homes are sold in the United States every year. In many cases, the people buying these homes are first-time owners. This means they are unfamiliar with just how much hard work goes into maintaining a home.

roofPhoto by Peter Haken

One of the main things a new homeowner needs to focus on is the condition of the home’s roof. The older the roof on a home gets, the more problems a homeowner will ultimately have with it. Read below to find out about the most common causes of roof failure.

1. Issues With Cracked Flashing

While most homeowners are familiar with parts of their roof like the shingles or the gutters, they are not as familiar with the flashing. If the roof on a home has a chimney or an HVAC vent coming through it, metal flashing is used to seal around this area. This flashing will begin to rust and crack as time goes by.

If these thin pieces of metal become cracked, it is only a matter of time before serious leaks start to occur. This is why a homeowner needs to make a point of inspecting all roof flashing materials on a regular basis. Hiring professionals to do this work is the best way for a homeowner to get the accurate information they need.

2. Damaged or Missing Shingles

Whether a person is maintaining a home or a commercial building, inspecting the roof regularly is important. Without routine inspections, a business owner may be faced with expensive roofing repairs that will prevent things like a company expansion or the purchasing of new equipment. Taking the time to assess the overall condition of the shingles on a roof is a great way to discover problems early on.

If the shingles on the roof look bent or brittle, replacing them is probably a good idea. With the help of a roofing professional, getting these damaged shingles replaced will be much easier.

3. Problems With Valley Seals

The roof on a home is a very complex system. This system has a number of parts, like the valleys. When two parts of a roof come together, it creates a valley.

These valleys will need to be sealed properly to avoid problems with leaks and flooding. If the valley seals start to wear out, it is only a matter of time before serious roofing repair issues surface. A homeowner will need to hire professionals to inspect the home’s roof on a regular basis to catch these problems early.

4. Improperly Installed Skylights

Living in a home that has poor lighting can be frustrating. Many homeowners use skylights to brighten up their homes without the need for more electricity. These windows are a bit expensive but well worth the money.

If a homeowner tries to install the skylights on their own, they may make a number of mistakes. Improperly sealing around these windows after installation can lead to leaks occurring. This is why hiring professionals to install new skylights is such a good idea.

5. Gutter Clogs Can Be Prevented

The average property homeowner has up to five home improvement projects going at any given time during the year. One of the most important additions a person can make to their home is a gutter system. Once the gutters are in place, keeping them clean should be a concern.

Failing to get the gutter cleaned two to four times a year can lead to them flooding. This flooding will not only damage the roof, it can also affect a home’s foundation. By hiring a roofing professional, a homeowner can get this work done in a hurry.

It Is Time to Take Action

If a homeowner starting to notice roofing problems, getting them fixed in a hurry is crucial. Hiring an experienced roofing contractor is the best way to address these problems properly.