Crazy Over Rides

RJ is crazy over any kind of rides. I remember RJ was still 3 years old when we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in Baguio. It was RJ’s first time to travel that long. We had no any problem the whole trip because she enjoyed the trip very much. When we reached the bus terminal in Baguio, she didn’t want to get off the bus. She was crying hard that Rhonnel had to carry her. That’s how crazy she is over rides.

Until now that she’s turning 8 years old, there are times she is bugging us for the rides in amusement centers or arcades.

Some parents think that taking their kids to arcades or amusement centers is not worthwhile. For them, it is better to play in the park or ride a bike. Playing in the arcade is totally different from playing in the park. I agree that parks and bike rides are better but I disagree that amusement centers are not worthwhile. In the amusement centers, there’s a whole bunch of exciting entertainment geared for our kids that somehow satisfy their curiosity and social needs.This is a good bonding time too because Dads and Moms can enjoy the rides as well. weeee!


Bored in the Car

RJ loves rides. I guess all kids do. The arcade area is the first place she is looking in the mall because of the rides. Name it and she will ride it. She is not afraid even on a mini roller coaster.

But on real trips, she easily gets bored. So every time we take long trips, I see to it that she has something to keep her occupied like Rubic’s cube, mp5 or coloring materials.

These pictures were taken inside the car July last year while it is moving. See how bored she is? While traveling can be lots of fun, it may be hard for kids because most kids want to move around and do fun things. The best thing to do is to keep them occupied while traveling. We also take extra clothes for her, water and finger food snacks.