Creating Word-Of-Mouth Opportunities For Your Retail Store

There are many different advertising techniques to use to promote your retail store, depending on the type of store you run, and specially if it is a small business. If you want to know how to make your store stand out from the crowd, simply follow this list by of how to create successful opportunities for you retail store by word-of-mouth.

Word of mouth advertising is one of
the most successful ways of getting
new customers into your store.

Choose The Right Way Promote Through Word Of Mouth

There are four ways to promote through word of mouth. These include experimental, positive, consequential, and intentional.

Experimental word of mouth is the most common form, used up to 50-80% of the time. It works by appealing to a customer’s direct experience with a particular product or service.

Positive word of mouth is the most effective, as it can generate brand loyalty and an increase in sales.

Consequential word of mouth is used through marketing campaigns, where consumers are exposed to traditional marketing campaigns and messages about the publicised brand. This creates a positive impact on advertisement, and can generate a higher campaign reach.

Intentional word of mouth is a less used form where marketers use celebrity endorsements to boost sales. This method might seem the ideal approach, however, its effects are difficult to measure.

Provide Incentives And Encourage In-Store Discussion

It is important to make a list of your product or services strongest attributes and compare it against customer feedback. Write down five to ten of your most frequent customers and create a pitch that would interest them in promoting your retail store through word of mouth.

Provide incentives, such as gift certificates or movie tickets that your customers can earn by helping to generate more business. Think about sparking an in-store conversation about product displays or videos, and engage in discourse about the merits of a brand against
another. Encourage your customers to share their ideas, as they will be more likely to talk about their experience in the store with others, creating a word of mouth opportunity for the business.

Make Sure Your Customers Can Easily Contact You

This might seem like the last thing you would think of when creating word of mouth opportunities for your retail store, but poor communication will drive your customers away instead of attracting them. Make sure you have someone available to answer the phone to ask any questions, make sure your website has clear contact details that are easy to find on your website, and try not to rely on your voicemail to pick up messages. Potential customers often begin over the phone, and if they have a positive conversation with you, they will most likely tell their friends about your good customer services.

Word of mouth advertising is one of the most successful ways of getting new customers into your store. People are more likely to visit your store if others back up your testimonials, and will continue to buy your products if you chose the right way to promote.

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