Spark Your Kid’s Passion for Reading with eReaders

e readerPoor RJ. She needs to carry two bags everyday in school…one for her 10 notebooks and other school supplies while the other one is for her 12 big books not to mention the packed lunch, water and milk that she has to bring.  Can you imagine how heavy are those for a 12 year old? I just hope their school would allow e readers next school year.

There are schools now that use e readers instead of the ordinary books because of its many benefits and advantages. The kids can compile the contents of all their books in just one handy e reader that can be carried and read everywhere with ease.  Kids can also easily search for information instead of turning page after page which will save them time to do other projects and assignments.  You can also upload alternative learning tools that are useful to your kids. These are just few of the many advantages of e reader.

I know most of you still want to smell and feel the paper and hear the turning of each page. But let’s face it, many children nowadays spend most of their time infront of the computer.  For them, it is more exciting to use electronic gadgets than read books so why not spark or develop their passion for reading again by integrating it with technology?

Would I allow my daughter to have an e reader? Obviously my answer is yes. RJ loves reading so much and she is excited to have an e reader.

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Reading is the Key to Learning

RJ loves to read so much. I was reading stories to her when she was a baby then she started to read on her own at the age of 3. Until now that she is 9 reading is one of her favorite pass time. Every time we go to bookstores or attend events with books, the book racks and brochure displays are what get her attention. I am thankful that she got both my and hubby’s passion for books as reading would be good for her as she grows up.


According to research, reading helps in child’s mental health. It helps improves child abilities in writing, spelling, grammar, vocabulary and comprehension. It also helps the child to be articulate. There are also studies that show that children with poor reading skills have poor understanding and get poor grades. Most of them have low self esteem thus, they fail to improve their abilities and develop full potential.

While your child is young, introduce him or her to good books and encourage him or her to read because reading is the key to learning.

Super Mom

I wake up at 4:30AM, cook our breakfast and prepare our breakfast and packed meal for hubby and RJ. After breakfast, I arrange hubby and RJ’s clothes, bags and things and make sure that they haven’t forgotten anything. Once I am left alone in the house, I clean all the litters and fix everything that hubby and RJ left in disarray. Then I cook my lunch (sometimes not and just have bread and a cup of good coffee) and ready myself to be in the mood for blogging. RJ arrives at 4:30PM and I now prepare her snack and at the same time, cook food for dinner. After eating, I wash the dishes and make sure that the kitchen is spick and span. Do you think my day ends there? Nope, I try to watch “Amaya” and read books (my favorite hobby). On weekends, I wash our clothes and iron them afterwards. Don’t get me wrong as I am not complaining. I just want to share my daily routine to justify the picture below.

The other evening, while hubby is using the computer, all he can hear (according to him) in the living room is the sound of the television and he assumed that I and RJ are just watching our favorite TV show. He took a quick look and found RJ sleeping already and me reading a book…and so hubby thought. After a closer look, maybe because of sheer exhaustion, my physical being can’t take it anymore. My body wanted some rest and sleep was the only remedy.

sleeping soundly with Mary Higgins Clark book on my lap…

Hubby got his cellphone and took this picture. He believes that a Super Mom needs souvenir…a proof that indeed I am a Super Mom. Well, that’s what hubby proudly said.

We Love Books

The three of us love books. Rhonnel has this collection of pocketbooks and Word War II encyclopedias, I have few collections of pocketbooks and RJ has so many children’s books. I can’t count how many books we have in all. Hubby is addicted to reading and I used to read a lot (that was before I was introduced to blogging), and we became RJ’s role models.
This was taken when she was 3 years old.

I still remember one time when we went to the mall, RJ was two years old then and Rhonnel was carrying her, we passed by toy section but RJ had no reaction at all. When we passed by books section RJ wanted to get down. Rhonnel let her then she got two childrens books. Of course we went home with those books. RJ loved the bedtime stories time. It was one of our bonding moments. No wonder she can read and spell simple words at the age of three.

Bedtime, 5 years ago.

Now, whenever we go to bookstore, we see RJ in the books section, browsing. There are times that we do not want to buy her books anymore because she already has plenty of them. Then she will say, “I don’t have this one yet.”

This is the advantage of taking her pictures all the time. I always have photos to share on our weekly memes. Have a great weekend everyone!