Picnic Perfect Spots in Metro Manila

As summer is approaching, I know you are thinking of a leisurely days to spend with your family and picnic might be one of them. Just imagine the clear blue skies, lush greens and summer’s sunshine, the perfect complement to a picnic perfect spots. But are there picnic perfect spots in Metro Manila? Consider these patches of greens to lay your picnic mats or even your tents on.

Quezon Memorial Circle

It is an ellipse national park and shrine bounded by Elliptical Road in Quezon City. Aside from the Museum and Shrine of Pres. Manuel L. Quezon which are the main attraction in the park, it has cottages and picnic grove where your family can set up tent or just lay picnic mat. The park is also boasts with vast playgrounds, kiddie rides and bike ride areas.

La Mesa Eco Park

Again, this place is located in Quezon City. It is a 33 hectare watershed and ecological nature reserve in Fairview where La Mesa Dam is. The park is reopened to the public in 2004. There is however an admission rate of P50 for persons above 3 feet. Children of 3 feet and below are free.  There is also swimming pool that is open daily from 9am to 4pm. Cottages for rent are available but if you are on a tight budget, find a spot for your checkered mat or, set up a hammock.


Makati has six parks in and around the Central Business District and three of these parks have grassy lawns; Legazpi Active Park in Legazpi Village, Salcedo Park in Salcedo Village and the Ayala Triangle Park in Makati Avenue corner Paseo de Roxas. Seriously, these areas in Makati easily turn into picnic central on weekends.

Last but not the least…the park in your village. Of course it is always included in picnic perfect spots. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you have all the things that you need in just a few steps away? Anyway, all that matters is a good leisurely day with your loved ones.

Our First Family Camping

We had our family day once again at Quezon Memorial Circle but this time it was different. We brought not ony a picnic mat but in addition we also had a tent with us. It was our very first camping and RJ was filled with excitement. She did not only enjoy, she also learned that there are lots of things she can do that do not require electricy. It was an awesome day without computer, video games and television.

child and musicThe first time campers…

child and musicHubby and RJ while sleeping…savoring the fresh air.

child and musicCamping is not complete without picnic.

Camping is one of the most affordable family activities. It could be a car camping, canoe camping or backpacking. But most camping family starts out doing what we call tent camping. Here in Metro Manila I know only two areas where you could camp out…at Quezon Memorial Circle (for day camping only) and La Mesa Eco Park (for overnight camping).

Why not take your family to camping now? It is a wonderful way to build a closer connection amongst parents and kids plus, your kids can get truly close to nature…something that is often difficult when living in the city.

Our Valentine’s Day Celebration

We had pre-Valentine’s Day celebration. I don’t know if RJ knew that we are going to celebrate the heart’s day earlier because she made cards as early as February 8 and gave it to us last February 11. I was touched because she bought the materials from her savings and she made a beaded bracelet for me.

We went again to QC Memorial Circle last February 12 to celebrate the Valentine’s Day. It was our new favorite hang-out on weekends. We had a pre celebration as we always did because we do not want to end up hitting the crowd which is the usual scene on Valentine’s Day not to mention the fully booked restaurants and traffic.

We had a blast again that day. We stayed at the Circle of Fun where RJ played for hours while Rhonnel and I played badminton. Then we had our breakfast at “Ala Eh! Café Amadeo”. I don’t know if I was just starving but it was one of the best breakfasts I had.

tapsilog, vigan longganisa and chocolate mousse

We went back to circle of fun and played with RJ. Watching my “mag-ama” playing already made my day.

Lunch time came…we ate at Taniegra’s Crispy Seafoods. If you are watching 24 Oras then most probably you have seen this featured there. We had their famous freshly cooked “okoy” made from headless shrimps.

crispy fried “okoy” and chicken

Before we headed home, we stopped by Coconut Ice Cream Hut and had chocolate sundae.

coconut hut’s chocolate sundae

Of course the day won’t be complete without the family shots.

That was our Valentine’s Day celebration. No posh restaurants, no expensive gifts but we had much, much, much fun!

Memories With Seesaw

Sometimes it feels good to let loose of all our worries and feel like a child again. It is good to look back wistfully to our childhood, those simpler and carefree times. That is why whenever we go to a park or playground, hubby and I took some time to ride a seesaw. The picture below was taken during our honeymoon in Baguio City eleven years ago. Look at those smiles. It was not just because of our honeymoon but because we were able to touch and stimulate the child in us. That was one of our happiest moments.

After eleven years, we still take time to ride a seesaw but this time with our playful RJ. These were taken two weeks ago when we went to Quezon City Memorial Circle.

Interaction with our children can bring the child in us so next time you go to a park with your children, play with them and do not just watch them.