Preparing Your Home for Sale

There is undoubtedly a lot involved in preparing your home for sale. You need to organise a real estate agent, de-clutter your home and make your home as attractive as possible to potential buyers.

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Neaten up your Garage and Cupboards

Guests at open homes are always nosy. People like to explore every inch of a home before they consider buying and your garage and cupboards are no exception. Unfortunately the garage and cupboards, especially in the kitchen and hallway, are often places that become cluttered and unorganised. Garages can be organised with slotted angle shelving, which are available from storage specialists, such as Elbowroom. Your cupboard scan be organised by categorising different items into plastic totes, trays and bins that you can label.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

After years of living in a home, interior paint can become worn, chipped and scuffed. Even if your walls are seemingly unscathed, you would be surprised at how much your walls and ceilings discolour just from body heat and breathing. Likewise, exterior paint will corrode due to weather damage. Before selling a house it is a good idea to paint. If you have any out-dated colour schemes on your walls, you can use the opportunity to paint in colours that are more modern and likely to appeal to home buyers. Not only will this freshen up your house’s look, but also its smell.

Give your Home Curb Appeal

Curb appeal refers to your front garden or yard that faces the street. This is the first thing that potential buyers will see when they come to visit the house and first impressions are everything. If home buyers aren’t impressed by what they first see, their opinions may be tainted, or they may not inspect the house at all. So make sure the lawn is mowed and properly edged, any bushes or hedges are trimmed, and any garden areas are weeded. It may be a good idea to plant a few new flowers or plants, or to add some fresh soil or bark over the garden bed to make your garden look fresher.


You’d be surprised how much you hoard in your home. While some things are sentimental and should be stored in special keepsake boxes, other items should just be thrown away. Before selling, it is important that you do some serious spring cleaning, removing excess clothes, linen, paperwork and other curios that you have collected over the years.

Rent a Storage Unit

When considering buying a home, buyers will try to envision themselves and their family living inside it. That is why it is best to remove any of your personal items, like photos and other sentimental items, as it encourages guests to imagine who lives in the home currently, rather than themselves. It is also a good idea to remove any non-essential furniture, especially in smaller rooms. Minimal amounts of furniture make rooms look larger and helps people focus on what they would do to the room if they bought the home.

Just remember: when you are selling your home, think of it as a product, rather than something that belongs to you. What other things are important to consider when preparing your home for sale?

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