Things Every Expecting Mother Must Do Before the Baby Arrives

It’s time to create a checklist and this article is here to help.

expecting mother
“There are not enough classes in the world to prepare you for being a parent but they can give you peace of mind.”


There are not enough classes in the world to prepare you for being a parent but they can give you peace of mind. Birth classes are not to be laughed at. Go to one, if you hate it at least you’ll know you tried. You’ll learn some labour basic, breathing and relaxation techniques. You can even ask questions. Don’t be afraid, this is a professional you’re dealing with.


You should look into the breastfeeding basics. It’s not a bad idea to look into baby formula; you may not produce enough milk. Breastfeeding will be a learning process for both of you. A lot of new mums can have problems with getting their baby to feed. Give yourself a bit of a head start and other alternatives.

Pack the bags

You aren’t going to have time to pack your bags when you go into labour, have them ready to go. Have your entire essential packed for the hospital. Don’t forget to pack something for entertainment for after the baby is born.


You want to be able to welcome your new bundle of joy home and to the room. The first priority should be getting the baby somewhere safe to sleep. Make sure that the bed is clean and made up well before you head to the hospital. You want everything to be ready.


You want the car to be baby ready. Install the baby seat before the new bundle of joy enters the world. Both you and your partner will be new nervous parents once that baby enters the world.


Spend your last moments together, you may not get much alone time together once the baby is in the picture. You want to spend some time appreciating each other but also doing a few simple things that you love.

Reality check

You need to take a moment to remind yourself that life isn’t perfect. This is a child and they are unpredictable, you aren’t going to be able to plan for everything. Sometimes the baby is going to cry for no apparent reason. Newborns will make a mess and poop everywhere. Breastfeeding will hurt and will continue to hurt not matter how many times you’ve done it. All this and more but you and any other mother wouldn’t change things for anything in the world. You’re now a mother.

A final word, don’t forget to treat yourself from time to time. Lots of mothers put themselves last. Treat yourself during pregnancy by checking out places like, you deserve to be pampered every once in a while.

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We’re Pregnant

Bringing RJ to this world has not been easy for me and Rhonnel. We were one and a half years married when we decided to consult an OB-GYN specializes in fertility work ups. I am not like other woman who gets pregnant effortlessly. I had to go through series of tests, fertility work up and take fertility pills. But despite all  our efforts after several months, I still didn’t get pregnant and it caused me so much pain, depressions and frustrations. I started to lose hope. I thought then that we’re just wasting efforts and money. I stopped complying on my OB-GYN’s advises, stopped taking fertility pills and laid everything to God’s hands. We prayed every day and night that He may give us a child…just one child.

After six months, our prayers were finally answered. It was a miracle! I still remember Rhonnel was in the office. I excitedly called him because I can’t wait for him to come home and tell the good news. He was very happy that I heard him laughing and shouting at the same time. Then I called Nanay and Tatay, my in-laws and all of our friends. That was one of the happiest moments in my life.

On the first three months of my pregnancy, I loved eating eggplant, squid, “dinuguan” and grilled chicken blood. In short, I love eating dark foods. I always hate spicy foods but during my pregnancy I love hot and spicy dishes. I hate fish and chicken and I don’t like the odor of any cologne and perfume that’s why I was not using any that time.

RJ is a good girl. Even when she’s inside my tummy, she didn’t give me any trouble except for waking me up on wee hours because I felt there was something dribbling inside me. I didn’t feel nauseated nor experienced morning sickness. But when I was 5 months on the family way I was having hard times commuting from our house to the office and vice versa so I volunteered to be included in the ongoing retrenchment in our office.

This was taken when we had our farewell pool party after the retrenchment. I was 5 months pregnant but still had the nerve to wear swimsuit.


Being pregnant is an exciting time in my life because I was pampered and getting too much attentions. I had the privilege of being always the priority and had the privilege for having a comfortable seat on a jam packed bus and restaurant even I was not making any reservations. lol! Most importantly, my loved ones were showering me with my favorite foods, fruits, love and care.

This is my entry for Couple’s Corner theme this week entitled “We’re Pregnant”, in honor of Mother’s month.