When to Hire a Stockton Plumbing Contractor

The plumbing system in any home is a complicated network of pipes, valves, fittings and drains that distributes water throughout the home. A qualified Stockton plumbing contractor is a professional who specializes in new construction, renovation and remodeling projects associated with the home’s water supply. They sometimes act as consultants during the planning phase of residential construction.

Contractors can install, repair and replace water heaters of all kinds. They have the experience and tools necessary to install flues, gas connections and gas control valves. Contractors often install, maintain and repair water softeners, water purifiers, sump pumps and other appliances that use the house’s water supply.

Homeowners can consult with a local contractor when choosing a hot water heater for installation. Plumbing experts can help the consumer choose the right size heater for the home. They can review the various options available, including gas, electric and tankless units.

Choosing between a gas and electric appliance is a decision that consumers should base on cost of the appliance, the household’s hot water needs and the cost of installation. Gas units heat water quicker and are a better choice for large households with a need for more hot water. A 40-gallon electric heater takes twice as long to heat the water in the tank as a gas heater of the same size. Gas heaters are typically less expensive to operate and are more energy efficient.

The most modern design available is the tankless water heater. These units take up less space than a tank style model and heat water only as users need it. This saves on energy costs because the unit is not working around the clock to keep the water in the tank heated. Tankless heaters are more environmentally friendly and the ideal choice for individuals who are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Most manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty against leaks.

A qualified contractor can install piping for an outdoor gas barbecue. Inside they can run gas lines for homeowners who want to replace an electric stove with a gas appliance. A qualified professional can locate and repair a gas leak. Because of the inherent dangers, an experienced plumbing contractor should handle all gas piping installation and refitting.

Water softener systems filter out magnesium and calcium, the minerals responsible for hard water. These minerals can build up in the pipes causing clogs. They also decrease appliance efficiency. A water softener uses salt to replace the magnesium and calcium. Flushing the unit with brine recharges the unit after it is depleted. Using soft water makes it easier to clean the bathroom because it prevents soap scum buildup. It will also eliminate the white film that accumulates on dishware and drinking glasses.

Homes with a basement often have a sump pump to remove water as it accumulates in the lowest part of the building. The pump is placed in a pit and when the pit fills with water, the pump starts up and removes it. The water may empty into the water drainage system or be drained away from the home’s foundation.

These professionals play an important role in the new construction of any building. Stockton plumbing contractors are familiar with all building codes and can verify that building plans are compliant with codes at the local, state and federal levels. They can also make sure a building meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Personal referrals from other homeowners offer the most convenient way to find a reputable local contractor. A general contractor can make a referral for new construction. Consumers should always check the background of any contractor and make sure the individual is fully insured, licensed and bonded.

Teresa Adkinson is a freelance writer for Preferred pluming & drain, a Stockton plumbing contractors that offers 24/7 emergency assistance with free work estimates and no night differential fees.