Playing Out in the Rain

It rained cats and dogs yesterday. RJ asked me if she can play out in the rain. I was hesitant at first but then I remember my childhood. Playing in the rain was my favorite thing to do with my siblings and cousins. We were barefooted playing tag, hide and seek, etc., unmindful of the muddy ground. And so my nostalgia became RJ’s pass to play out in the rain. Lol!

playing in the rain

Yes, no wellies, coats and umbrellas, didn’t mind to get wet and dirty just like we were. Watching RJ play with her friends made me feel like a child again.

out in the rain

How about you, do you let your kids to play out in the rain? When there’s no lightning and thunder and it’s not so chilly, don’t you think it’s good for your kids to play outside than to be cooped indoors and get bored? Thumping in the water and jumping into created puddles are fun not to mention the other games that your kids can play like tag, volleyball and football. It’s sad when kids are not allowed to get wet and splash out in the muddles and muds sometimes.