Guidelines for Your Baby’s Age by Age Development

Nothing is more powerful than the memories created by your children. Their memories and milestones touch your heart and make you cry, smile, laugh, love, etc.

I feel the same way. Everyday of my life is touched by RJ’s milestones. Since she was born, I make sure that the camera is always ready to document everything that is happening to her. She is going through many physical and mental changes and I do not want to miss any of it. And every time I browse on her pictures now, I can’t help but smile or sometimes cry.

Documenting your child’s developmental milestones does not only give you memorable photos to browse for almost a lifetime (if very well preserved) but will also help you know if your child development is on the right track. It is important to remember that the child may reach across a wide age range, rather than at a precise age. Although no two children grow at the same rate, experts believe that there are normal signs of development.

The following may be a general guideline for you to check your baby’s age by age development:

0-6 weeks

•(Physical Skills) Baby lifts his head slightly for a few seconds and keeps his head up if supporting his neck.
•(Manual Dexterity) Gradually straightens his limbs towards his body. Kicks and stretches.
•(Vision, Hearing and Speech) Focuses closely on a single point (as far as 3 feet). Cries when he is hungry and uncomfortable.
•(Social Behavior and Play) Soothed with music and by gently talking. Smiles, but only a natural smile.

6-8 weeks

•(Physical Skills) Lifts head to 45 degrees. Bears weight on legs. Rolls over.
•(Manual Dexterity) Holds hands together. Reaches out for a rattle.
•(Vision, Hearing and Speech) Startled by loud sounds. Squeals.
•(Social Behavior and Play) Smiles spontaneously. Looks at own hands.

7-9 weeks

•(Physical Skills) Crawls. Stands by pulling up on something. Sits unsupported..
•(Manual Dexterity) Plays with feet. Passes rattle from hand to hand.
•(Vision, Hearing and Speech) Turns towards voice. Says “dada” or “mama” to anyone.
•(Social Behavior and Play) Plays peekaboo. Eats with fingers.

1 year

•(Physical Skills) Walks without help. Walks holding on to furniture. Stand without help.
•(Manual Dexterity) Picks up a small object. Grasps object between finger and thumb.
•(Vision, Hearing and Speech) Says “dada” and “mama” to parents.
•(Social Behavior and Play) Copies housework. Drinks from a cup.

18-24 weeks

•(Physical Skills) kicks a ball. Walks up steps without help. Throws a ball.
•(Manual Dexterity) Draws straight lines. Builds a tower of four bricks.
•(Vision, Hearing and Speech) Points to parts of the body. Puts two towards together. Learns single words.
•(Social Behavior and Play) Eats with a spoon and fork. Undresses without help.

If your baby shows any sign of delay, discuss it with his pediatrician.