Playing with Lol Cam

This is RJ’s new past time, playing with lol cam. Lol cam lets you take pictures with phrases, images and dozens of funny designs. See how RJ reacted with each design. She reacted as if they are for real. Lol!

loving the snow…

Bugs away
bugs away…

upside down
upside down

terrified with Mommy.

Mommy played with lol cam too. Noticed that ghost behind with a hand ready to grab? It’s me!!!

Our Favorite Shot

This picture was taken five years ago. We find the top view cute that is why this is one of our favorite shots. I felt bad when some part of it got stuck on the glass. Too bad we only have 1 copy and we do not have copy of it on on our files. I hope this could still be fixed digitally.
After 5 years, we took our picture on the same top view angle. Our favorite shot of all.
Five years years from now, we will take picture again on top view.
Isn’t it nice to have them all framed?

Latest Family Pictures

It is only now that I realized the three of us have no pictures together taken just recently. However, we have these family pictures taken last Christmas and these are the latest we have.

With my in-laws…taken at their house. We had our Noche Buena there.
My mother-in-law cannot walk anymore due to her diabetes
so she is just lying in the bed or coach most of the time.

Hubby got the camera, said “smile” and so we did.

Beer session with hubby. No, I was not tipsy.
just got tired of cooking the foods for our Noche Buena.